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We are forever changing and releasing layer so that we can eventually be our true authentic self. Do not fear rejection especially from those who do not accept the true you that is unfolding. Be uplifted and pleased by what you have accomplished. In honouring the right of others travelling their own journey, do not condemn or stress over other’s opinion or ways for they are entitled to them.

As you true self surfaces, so will your compassion and the love and light that swells from within. It intensifies to an outward expression that others will naturally gravitate towards. This is you! This is your true identity and although the relentless ego will attempt to keep you oppressed, you will emerge, because the ego weakens and eventually dissipates as you begin to recognize who you truly are.

You will genuinely want to assist others in discovering their own true nature and this will be achieved by shining your true light. What we see in our world is a reflection of what is transpiring within. Our inner energy becomes an outward expression.

Allow your inner light to shine. Allow it to become so brilliant that it illuminates all the dark corners you previously were afraid to look in.

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