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It is said that we learn from these life lessons and this is certainly true, but why can we not learn from easier lessons? Is there some other way to teach us lessons so that we can still reap the full understanding we need to learn?

If we had control over every event in our life, would we actually shelter ourselves from the full lessons we need to learn by lessoning the hardships along the way? Would we choose an easier path to enlightenment? They say that the best lessons learned are the more difficult ones, but why is that?

We may accept that life teaches us what we need to learn, but can we accept without question some of the challenges that are provided by life

In reality there is little choice and we have to adapt to these conditions. They are what they are. Quite the statement, but ultimately this is the truth.

Fighting hardships that are placed in front of only serves to make what feels difficult even harder. It may appear in the beginning that you are winning when you are paddling up stream against the rapids but eventually you will tire and the current will take you downstream where you were meant to go in the beginning. Face your kayak downstream right from the get go, climb in and enjoy shooting the rapids. Ego tells you to paddle against the current. What does this accomplish?

We are well equipped to handle most of life’s events. There are times when we travel in a single person kayak but there will be times when we have to utilize a ship. Call upon the best mates you can find to help sail that ship. A dear friend, earthly trained professionals, our higher self, our guides and Source are the best shipmates available.

We are in control of our ship. We make the decisions on how to sail this life by our attitude towards the waters we ride. Put the journey into proper perspective. Attitude and belief structure are key ingredients in resolving issues that enter our lives. When we meet with a trained professional they do not do the work for us, they guide us to understanding but in the end we make the adjustments that are necessary.

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Regardless of how we address our journey, we are the one that sets the course. Realize your control and strength. Know that these are yours. Work as hard as you need to control your ship in these turbulent waters but know this storm will pass and you will again enjoy the calm waters.

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