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On January 7, 2019, we discussed the different hemispheres and what an emphasis in those quadrants suggests.

A singleton (through hemisphere emphasis) is defined as all of the planets being in one section of the chart so having a hemispheric emphasis with one lone planet on the opposite side. For example, if we have an emphasis on the eastern hemisphere there would be nine planets on the eastern side of the zodiac which is around the Ascendant or through houses 10 through to the third, the tighter the planets are together, the stronger this singleton. There would also be one single planet in the seventh house opposing this configuration (again this is our example).

The planets that are found on the eastern side are not as emphasized as they would be if all the planets were in this quadrant together. The single planet on the opposite side has the emphasis and is extremely powerful in its expression. The hemisphere that this single planet is found in has the emphasis and gains in strength.

Whenever there is a singleton in a chart that particular planet and its energies play a significant role in that particular hemisphere. The singleton, which for an example could be Saturn falling in the western hemisphere, would affect not only the house that it is in but all the houses represented by that hemisphere. On the western hemisphere, the houses would entail the 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 and the western hemisphere is about adjusting to the needs of others. It is the area associated with other people and this area suggests that this individual would be very attuned into satisfying the needs of those people. They would always consider the needs of others before their own needs.

With Saturn in the position of our example, looking after the needs of others would be very important and could become a job or at least feel like a job. They could feel responsible for others and perhaps try to discipline them in some way in the hopes of orchestrating their journey in the proper direction. This could relate to a business type matter where they would try to assist others and help them advance in their personal life objectives. They will be steadfast in their approach, they would be known as being reliable and would always do the best they could. Their own needs would come second and achievement for self might not be as important as it would be for the advancement of others.

This could be relayed through the family and home environment, through love relationships and romantic partners, through the working environment, in the marriage partnership, with joint finances and insurance or alimony, and in a religious manner, through life’s philosophy or legalities and perhaps court cases.

This need to look after other people’s requirements is not just pinpointed by the house where Saturn is located, but is spread throughout that full quadrant of the Astrology chart.

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