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When using progressions or reviewing the progressed chart, the Sun moves approximately one degree per year. Progressions use the formula of one day is equal to one year of life. So when someone is 30 and they are born on December 1, 1950, then on December 30 1950, they are experiencing their 30th year with the progressed sun. This is not exact, although very close. Much depends on what is referred to as ascension. Those born from October to March will be very close to one degree of solar movement per day at any time in their life. Those born in the other months (April through September) have what is referred to as a slower ascension and will need to add one year of life over a period of 30 days of solar arc movement.

Solar arc direction uses the same measurement with all the planets and angles as well (Ascendant and Midheaven). Every planet advances approximately one degree per year as well as the angles. For example, at age 60, all planets and angles will be making a sextile to their natal positions. Another example, at age 45, all the planets would be making a semi-square to their natal positions.

This process, along with transits, is used in chart rectification. If we do not know your correct birth time, this process can be used but you will need to be very adept at astrology to utilize this tool with any type of success.

There are several well-known Astrologers that have written marvelous books on solar arcs, one of those being Noel Tyl. The practice of using solar arcs has been in use since at least the 1800’s and therefore is not a new astrological component. It is also a reliable source when it comes to the timing of events, as are transits and progressions. Solar arc is a fascinating subject and will add to your reserve of astrological knowledge as you grow with your astrological teachings.

Solar arc along with transits are used in the birth chart rectification process (pinpointing the birth time). This, however, is a lengthy process and to try to detail the process here would only frustrate our readers as it is one of the most challenging processes used in Astrology. As mention earlier and I cannot reiterate enough, a full understanding of Astrology and much experience using the many tools that make up the science of Astrology need to be utilized to perform this task successfully.

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