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We are focusing on the energies of the solar eclipse we will experience on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 3:51 p.m. EST (It will not be visible to us, however).

Solar eclipses will often herald the timing of new events following the ending of situations that no longer serve a real purpose in our lives. With the energies of the solar eclipse, there is a signalling of a time to move forward and shed ourselves of baggage to bring about a turning point.

What we leave behind under this influence usually never returns. It is the finality of something specific (identified often by the house position of the Eclipse in your personal chart). These changes or endings come to the forefront in unusual ways and can be often surprising in nature....unexpected shall we say. We will, however, receive hints of this approach before the actual timing of the eclipse.

As mentioned, the change is often irreversible. The changes can either happen quickly or occur over a period of months. Visible change often takes place within a few weeks of the actual eclipse itself. If you find that nothing of significance happens under this influence, check with your family or close friends. It should also be noted that unless the eclipse happens within seven degrees of a planet in your birth chart, the energies may not be that noticeable.

If the eclipse falls in the same element as your Sun sign (water, earth, air or fire) and is within the seven degree orb of influence, it is usually quite favourable and things seem to go your way. This will be of benefit to you, often in quick order (especially because transiting Uranus is sextile this positioning under the current influence we are focused on).

Eclipse’s energies are much stronger than normal energies of the New or Full Moons. The energies, however, can sometimes be disruptive yet the outcome over time is always favourable even if it does not appear this way initially. Change is often a requirement and there are times when we hide our head in the sand and refuse to move ourselves in directions that would be helpful. Do not dig in your heals.

Sometimes these changes seem random and if you pay attention to events and signals leading up to the eclipse, you may find indicators as to what might happen. If the eclipse allows you to proceed and lead the way, it is best to wait a few weeks or longer before making important decisions that will affect you in personal ways, or affect others in personal ways.

Mercury will be conjunct the upcoming eclipse on February 15, 2018, and its energies will assist in the mental processing of the conditions influenced by the eclipse. The message being brought forward often takes place one month prior and about one week after the eclipse.

Have a look at transiting Mars and when it is in same degree of the eclipse (27 degrees Aquarius), it often instigates activity. Transiting Saturn also plays a part in the process, although in this specific instance, it will not be within orb over the whole period of this solar eclipse influence. Saturn usually suggests some karmic influence with the situation and its lessons are quite profound as long as you do not fight the process.

Make sure you look into the house affected by this Solar Eclipse as well as the opposite house as this axis will become activated. Have a look in your natal chart as well as your solar chart to establish which areas of life are being activated, as well.

If this Solar Eclipse follows your birthday (the first eclipse of your solar return chart) it will be very significant to the upcoming year. Remember the closer it is in degree to the Sun or any other planet or angle within your chart, the more impact it will have in your life.

Many people fear eclipses and sometimes rightfully so as the changes that take place can be profound, but respect would be a better terminology than fear as the changes that take place although often profound are necessary for our evolutional growth and will be quite helpful over time.

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