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Our next solar eclipse, which is an annular solar eclipse begins June 10th at 5:35 AM and will reach its maximum extent at 5:40 AM. It will end at 6:38 AM EDT in Toronto, Ontario. Please see the picture for visibility Canada courtesy of the University of Toronto.

It is said that a solar eclipse lasts in years as long as its duration is in hours and minutes. This eclipse’s total time elapse will be 1 hour and 50 minutes, so its effects will last almost 2 years.

This eclipse is most powerful for those with a planet or angle in their natal chart in conjunction or opposition to the degree this eclipse is in. This eclipse is in the Sign of Gemini and at 19 degrees. You can allow at 3 degree orb on either side, so it will affect those between 16 to 22 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius (some astrologers give as much as a 5-degree orb of influence). This is not to say that those with squares or other major aspects to this degree will not be influenced, but it has been noted that the conjunction and opposition have the greatest effects.

A solar eclipse can occur during a New Moon when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction to one another, and the Moon blocks out the Sun; and in the case of the Annular Solar Eclipse, it almost blocks out the whole Sun, but leaves a visible ring which is referred to as the “Ring of Fire”. It is important for everyone to equate this Solar Eclipse to the house placement where it occurs in their natal chart, and it is extremely important for those that have it directly on their ascendant or midheaven as these are great areas of accentuation. The houses are the areas of life that will be affected.

New Moon’s and a Solar eclipse, which only happens about once or sometimes twice a year, speak of new beginnings, sometimes bringing good news, prospects and can uncover hidden potential. A new cycle has begun. In Gemini the sign of seeking knowledge, communication and adventure especially if you have a planet in the sign of Sagittarius at this degree can open the door and bring opportunities to the forefront. Change is often inevitable but also due. Sometimes we have to leave something behind in order for something to begin. Letting go is a theme of New Moon and an Eclipse.

Have a look at the house and Planet which will be affected by this transitional stage of development and use these energies to the best of your abilities, taking in what comes with open arms and knowing on some level this is an opportunity to learn from and experience life potentially from a different lens.

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