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8:18 degrees Pisces 56 minutes

There will be a Solar eclipse beginning on March 8 and ending March 9 but will not be visible in most of North America (I believe Alaska is the exception). The eclipse will be in the sign of Pisces at 18 degrees and 56 minutes. Anyone having a planet within a 3 degree orb (16-22 degree) in Pisces will be influences by the energies of this eclipse. If you are not into the technical information on the eclipse you can jump down four paragraphs to read the affects of this eclipse for those that the eclipse makes aspects in their chart.

If you have other planetary aspects that are in this same degree rage in other signs, this will intensify the meaning of the eclipse and its effects on you. When we speak about other planetary links we are referring to the Opposition, Square, Trine and Sextile as well as the Quincunx. The minor aspects may have some significance but not to the same degree of the major aspects, unless they have a really tight orb, say within 30-40 minutes.

The more aspects from your birth planets and important positions (Ascendant/Mid-heaven as well as the IC and DC) in these degrees, the stronger the influence from this eclipse. Any planet forming a Conjunction will be particularly influenced and the aspects these planets receive and the houses they are in will determine how this eclipse will affect you. The eclipse will last one year for every hour while it is in the eclipse formation.

Through transit, when the Sun and other planets are in conjunction to this eclipse degree (18 Pisces 56) and when they move into opposition of this degree (18 Virgo 56), their effects will be felt. The houses as well as the signs and the planetary energies will dictate how this influence will play out. Remember the influence is determined by the original conjunction to a planet and influential position (ASC, MC, DC, IC, with the MC and ASC being the stronger of the four points) to the eclipse degree. Without a contact to this degree in the birth chart, the eclipse will have minor influence on our lives.

Now that we have the technical information out of the way, this is a time to raise our awareness and be mindful of any imbalances in our lives. The planets and areas of life represented by the degree of influence will be areas that we will see transformations taking place and where change is due. With Neptune ruling this eclipse this may be in areas related to mystical and psychic influences and this may become a clearer area once its impact passes these critical degrees. Neptune will often cloud things and make them foggy, but direction on a higher level of understanding is usually working behind the scenes, through the subconscious.

The time frame when the eclipse is in effect will actually set the time of the events and inner reflections that correlate with these times in our lives. As with all important life matters, it will take time to complete the process. This eclipse has its birth and then finally its demise as the eclipse time lapses. Neptune is associated with spirituality, the soul’s struggle to make you aware of its earthly purpose and often relates to a connection with the self through spiritual uncovering and the opening of channels to the intuitive faculties, clairvoyant abilities and understanding. Neptune is known as the Lord of this eclipse and will eventually open doors to truth and bring spiritual understanding usually after times that seem somewhat foggy and unclear. Much is gained through the subconscious channels of learning and dreams can also be quite revealing. Neptune’s energy is to dissolve and release what is required to either be figured out or what needs to be brought into your life.

This is a good time to find or discover what lies behind the illusion of life and gain entry into the bigger picture, seeing beneath the surface and opening channels of understanding. The ensuing outcomes that are forthcoming usually bring more satisfying results as time passes. This period brings with it a time to gain entry into your psyche, to come to a clearer understanding of the people which will be involved and to any imbalances in your personal life.

In general most solar eclipses’ energies last an average of 3 ½ years.

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