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Recently we have had questions concerning Astrological Solar Return Chart.

A Solar Return Chart is generally prepared at the time of an individual’s birthday, although it can be prepared at any time. A Solar Return is prepared with information on the exact day that the Sun returns to its original position in the natal chart, by the sign, degree, and minute, precisely. So, if the Sun in the birth chart is in Capricorn at 15 degrees 12minutes, the return position would be exactly the same during the year in focus.

A Solar Return Chart is prepared in similar fashion as a birth chart, as the exact timing establishes the Ascendant degree for your location on that date. The location can be where you live or where you may happen to be on the exact day of the return, (which, again, establishes the Ascendant’s degree.) It can be read as a birth chart although it is only focused for the year from birthday to birthday. Some begin to feel the energies as they approach the birthday as much as 3 months prior to the actual birthday.

Studying your Solar Return Chart can help you prepare for what energies which will be at hand and so you can focus on whatever areas of life will be emphasized for that year.

The Ascendant sign and ruling planet of the Ascendant, the Moon and its sign and house position, the Sun and its house position as well as any major configurations and tight aspects will play significant roles in the year in focus. If the Solar Chart has many similarities to the natal chart, it will be an important year, especially if the rising sign is close in degree to the rising sign of the natal chart.

The Moon plays a significant role and its sign and house position along with any aspects it receives in the Solar chart. These indicators will define our emotional makeup for the upcoming year in question. You should also look into the aspect from the Solar chart to the natal positions, as this will help you get a clear picture of what to expect and will also provide you with timers for events and areas of life that might be involved. Remember our natal chart is our blueprint.

Although the Sun is in the same sign and degree, its house placement likely will be different. There are many other facets to take into consideration but this chart on its own will define clearly what to expect in the year in focus and will often correlate with the transits and progressions to the natal chart. It adds dimension to the overall translation of upcoming energies and events in the forecast for the year ahead.

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