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Have you been searching for someone who will make you whole?

Do you envy other couples that seem to be comfortable together and appear so complete?

You may ask yourself will I ever meet my significant other?

Is there someone out there for me that will complete me?

It is so important to understand that no one else can make you whole. Wholeness and completeness are feelings that stem from within.

Someone else can compliment who we are but they cannot make us whole. We are always whole within, even when we do not recognize this.

If we spend our time looking for someone, we may find that that special someone will be elusive. The search itself suggests that we feel as though we “need” and are “lacking”. This is the energy we are surrounding ourselves with and therefore to keep that energy alive, no one will show up. If we express a lack, we only see lacking.

It is essential to realize we are perfectly fine on our own and we do not “need” someone else. Stop the search and the search will be over. By being grateful with what is, we find contentment and gratitude. When we are happy with who we are and our circumstances, the door opens for more happiness.

Release expectations and remain open. Love and allow. Do not forget the wholeness within. Your first and most important soulmate is the one within.

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