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Spirituality, and even more so religion, is a very touchy subject but we are about honesty, sharing and open-mindedness.

You may questions the existence of God. You may even want clarification on the definition of God. You may be opposed to the use of the word God and prefer Source or spirit or even higher self.

Does God/Source/Spirit, etc. exist?

The answer is often clouded and unclear to those of us in human form? Is it not normal to want clear evidence before making a commitment on a subject? There is nothing wrong with questioning and everything to gain (in questioning all things), although true faith, it is said, can be the ultimate experience.

In our search, we can read countless books. We can go to religious gatherings and surround ourselves with spiritually minded individuals and still have a difficult time obtaining viable answers.

How is it that there are people who have complete faith in a divine order. What has led them to such strong faith?

Undoubtedly there are some who have actually witnessed something in their lives that has brought them to this conclusion. Many others have been raised in traditional or not so traditional religions environments and yet there are some who not only believe but know and understand their spirituality without question.

Each of us, when seeking answers, continually grow and develop our understanding through life’s experience. Many of us struggle with ego and its interference. When we understand how ego tries to manipulate our perceptions, this recognition helps us to see things in a clearer light.

When we experience an understanding that resonates in our hearts, we can open our hearts and our minds to further awareness. Tuning in to the quiet inner voice opens us up to invaluable knowledge. Spirituality is available to each and every one of us whether we live in highly developed cities where varying religious knowledge is available or if we live in undeveloped, isolated areas of this world where modern civilization has not shared its spiritual insight.

Have our minds manufactured our belief structures? Is the passion that so many people experience authentic even though it is something that cannot be touch?

No one can deny or confirm each of our individual experiences. The journey we walk is ours alone. We must take each step as we see fit. The best decision is to stay open to all possibilities. We need to love and respect as we go. How can we do any better than this?

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