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Squares in Astrology

There are several aspects in Astrology and one of the most infamous is the Square. The Square is an aspect which describes two planets or significant points in the Natal chart which are separated by 90 degrees. The degree of orb varies by individual Astrologers but suffice to say that its influence can be felt up to 10degrees, either separating or applying. This means, that depending on the planets in aspect, the effects of this Square are felt from about 80 degrees apply to about 100 degrees separating. Holm Astrology uses a tighter orb of up to 8 degrees (82-98) and when deciphering a Natal chart uses a much tighter orb.

The square is considered an aspect of stress and is often accompanied with obstacles and challenging conditions. The square is considered a dynamic aspect and often produces considerable tension which must be released or overcome. As a result, the square forces us to make changes to conditions and stimulates action which is required in order for the individual in question to move forward. Squares act as building blocks to growth and although they are considered difficult in their nature, the challenging circumstances created by the square forces the individual to reconsider the situations that they are in and then forces them to act.

People with a many squares in their Birth chart are often faced with difficulties in their life, especially in their early years as they become acquainted with the stresses that the Square can create. As these birth aspects become activated through transit and progression, they are forced to act in ways to alleviate these conditions present in their Birth chart. They eventually become proficient at handling the issues that the square represents.

The closer the square aspect is to being direct (exactly 90 degrees between the planets in question) the more apparent the problem becomes and the more difficult it is to rectify the situation. Squares are challenging aspects but they build character and inner strength (unless the individual in question sits back and does nothing to circumvent the circumstances brought on by the transits and progressions). If left, the square can create fear and tension defined by the energies of the planets involved in the square. If left unattended and allowed to keep developing, the situation can turn from a small smoldering ember to a forest fire that is very difficult to extinguish.

The Square if proper utilized is actually a blessing in disguise. It can push you to places of fulfillment that the softer aspects in Astrology could never do. It often takes a challenging condition in life to push us forward in our intended direction and along our evolutionary path. The Square aspect is similar in ways to the planet Saturn. Saturn can create obstacles and challenging conditions when it transits a Natal planet but its rewards for hard diligent work far outweighs any difficulty it inevitably will create.

The energies must find some sort of release when the square becomes activated through transit or progression especially if one of the planets involved is an inner planet (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars) aspected by let’s say Pluto. Squares are building blocks to evolution and stimulate us into action. As a result of the action, we are aware of our strengths and ability to overcome life’s most tedious challenges.

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