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If you have been struggling with “acting” due to concerns or worries about how that particular action might be received, you might want to think about both the benefits and the consequences. If the benefits outweigh your concerns, you might want to make your move. We are not talking about aggressive action, or an action that can injure someone; we are talking about taking action because action is required.

Perhaps you have been contemplating action for some long time and you are concerned someone else may get emotional because of your actions so you have held off. Perhaps its time to push past these concerns as long as you are sure the outcome is beneficial. Standing up and fighting for what you need or believe in does not necessitate physical altercation. Speak your mind in a way you wish to be spoken to and make the moves that are necessary.

You and your needs are important too. Recognize that if you have been holding back because someone wants something from you or does not want to let you move forward, you need to take that first step for you. The first step is always the most difficult.

If on the other hand you have always pushed for what you want with little regard for how it affects others perhaps you need to examine the “why” behind your moves and how it might have affected others. You may not always like what you see, but honesty and integrity should play a part in your journey. Perhaps fighting for what others need might be the best move at this point.

Take time to analysis the situation and then prepare for your next step. It is not always easy, but the life issues that you address with honesty and compassion will eventually make your journey authentic for all involved.

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