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Planets from Mercury to Pluto (yes we are including poor little Pluto) have cycles referred to as retrograde and direct motion. The Sun and the Moon never go into retrograde motion.

The Planets, at times, appear to slow down in the heavens. They then appear to stop their forward motion. During this appearance of their stoppage of motion, it is known as stationary retrograde (because the planet is about to go into retrograde motion). The planet will remain in this stationary position for up to a few days duration, depending on the planet in question. After the planet moves into retrograde motion (appears to be moving backwards) and completes this retrograde cycle, it once again slows down and then appear to come to a stop. This is termed stationary direct in Astrology. The length of time a planet is in stationary direct also depends on the planet involved.

The outer planets remain in their stationary position much longer than the inner planets.

Some Astrologers, including this Astrologer, share the concept (through experience) that the stationary direct as well as the stationary retrograde have a very powerful influence on the energies in a natal chart.

It has been noted that an individual with a planet in a stationary position in the birth chart will have emphasize on the energies represented by the planet in question. There is also influence from the sign that the planet is in and the house that stationary planet is located in.

Some Astrologers through client chart studies have found evidence that the stationary planet can be the most powerful influence in the birth chart and that the energies of this stationary planet will rule much of the activity that will be released. At some point in the person’s life, these energies and the influence of the planet will become very significant. The energies of the stationary planet have been linked to the defining purpose of the individual’s life.

This Astrologer believes that if there are other signatures within the birth chart that point in the same direction and imply something very similar, this is the case, particularly if the North or South nodes are involved in the equation.

It has been suggested that someone with a stationary retrograde planet in the birth chart will at some point experience the energies related to the planet involved within the area of life the house dictates as well as the energies of the sign it falls under. However, the individual with the stationary retrograde will only discover how to use these energies after a time of lengthy inner reflection coupled with life experiences that will lead to an awakening of sorts again depending on the planet and its placement. This may take time as well as much self-study or thought-provoking experiences before it is released. This is quite similar to a retrograde planet in the birth chart as it suggests that there is some inner reflection required before action can be taken.

The stationary direct individual has a different experience although the process is the same. The stationary directs influence depends on the sign the stationary planet is in and the house placement. However, the stationary direct individual has a much more easy time unleashing the energies associated with the planet and its placement (much less self-study and reflection). Things seem to work more smoothly and on a more outward expression. The motivating factor that facilitates the desired information or acknowledgement and understanding can be released at a much early stage in life or under less restrictive conditions. The Stationary direct influence works in a similar manner as a planet that is in direct motion.

The energies released and the influence of the planet involved is of primary importance but the direct stationary energies seemed to come through in a much more flowing, less restrictive manner than the energies of the retrograde stationary planet.

These energies work in a similar manner through transit. For the period of time the transit influence is in effect, the individual will be subject to these energies being released. The difference between a transit and a natal positioning is that the transit is temporary in nature while the natal influence will express itself when the individual is ready during the full life cycle.

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NOTE: We have used a great foundation picture from Wikipedia on retrograde and built on that to show the stationary location.



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