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Stellium in Astrology

A Stellium in the Natal Astrology chart contains at least 4 planets within 8 degrees to the next planet in line and they must all be in the same sign or the same house. The more planets within the Stellium the more highlighted it becomes. The planets within the framework of the Stellium work together as a group and give extraordinary emphasis on the astrological sign they are in as well as the house in which the Stellium is located.

When deciphering a Stellium, you must look at the specifics of the sign characteristics as well as the area of life that is represented by the house. The planets that are the most closely linked affect the other planets, but even the ones on the far outside of the Stellium will experience influences from the central planets. The planet closest to the midpoint of the configuration is the central planet and is the planet that is most sensitive. Any natal aspects that form close ties within this grouping of planets will further colour the intensity of this configuration and add influence to the rest of the chart.

Some of the positive energies of the Stellium include the strong feeling of being in control of ones actions and focusing on the direction one must take in order to make the most out of a situation. Many people with this combination are self-motivated and have a clear purpose that they will pursue with a single mindedness that few attain in life. It is as though there is a concentrated energy in the area of life which is represented by the house position. Often one reaps talent in this area as well. There is a definite sense of purpose with these individuals.

If the energies are not used correctly, there are often challenges that stand in the way of progress and with the ability to bring these positive energies together. Some develop self-centredness and obsessive qualities within the area represented by the house involved and portray negative traits of the sign as well. Again if the energies are not used correctly, there would be narrowness in their point of view with an unwillingness to listen to advice, as they have difficulty making compromises and lack objectivity. Some become extremists in whatever area of life is connected with the house which is emphasised. This will create an imbalance that will need adjustment.

When the Stellium is affected by transit or progression, these individuals experience an ongoing event period depending on the planet involved and aspect related to the Stellium. They usually experience times of relative peace and serenity and then when the Stellium is activated depending again on the aspect, they will experience times of turmoil and/or extensive times of action and exuberance.

Check your Natal chart for a Stellium and find out what potential talent you have to express. Astrology can pinpoint time frames in your life when the Stellium will be activated and how it will unfold in your life as well as the duration the effects will have effect.

If the Stellium is in two signs or two houses, the influence is similar but less intense. The areas of life affected will change and will encompass both houses and the area of life both of these houses rule.

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