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Step Through the Door

The door in front of you is waiting for your permission to be opened. It has no lock and there are no obstructions in the way to the door. The only thing standing in the way of it opening is you. Your perception and your attitude towards the opening of the door is the only thing that can hold you back or the only thing that can push you forward. It is never more than one step away and ability is never withheld from anyone. We are all offered that same passage regardless of past history or even present conditions. It is ever available to all that seek answers to any questions we may ask.

Make sure that you are not holding yourself back in any way from receiving the answers that you need in your life. Make sure that you understand that the door is already open and you just have to walk through. The minute you take that first step, life begins to shift. Realize that it is your right to venture forward in your life’s quest for truth and know that it is always available. You just need to ask.

Many will hold themselves back because of the image they have of themselves. Some believe that they are not worthy. Some believe that it is not there for them--that somehow it is just not available. Some feel that it is too late in life or too early in life. Some even question whether there is a door there at all. Understand the concept and power to these feelings or belief structures and understand where they have originated from.

These belief structures are ego generated and because you are identifying with this ego, you think of it as living proof that you cannot push ahead or enter that doorway. By identifying with the ego, you halt any progress and stagnate your growth at the core. Letting go of ego interference and not identifying with the ego, releases you from its grip. You always have the choice. It always lies in your hands. Listen to the inner voice as it is always speaking to you. When you hear its message, you will hear truth.

You are your greatest hindrance and only you are responsible for holding yourself back. Understanding this will return full control back to you, right where it belongs. You are not your ego. You hold control over all situations in life. You are the master of your destiny and you can walk through that door whenever you allow yourself to take that step through the threshold. There is much that lies ahead if you choose to take that step into the unknown and venture forth with the promise of a new.


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