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The Sun moved into the sign of Aquarius on the 20th of January in 2017. Please see out post from January 23 which we are continuing today.

Aquarius individuals are broad minded and have a very liberal approach to life. They believe that there should be no segregation when it comes to ethnicity, race, or cultural background. They view everyone as equals and their aim is to awaken the masses from their complacency and from the accepted norm. They can be a little over the top when seeking this in their relationships. Those individuals that do not wish static in their lives may, from time to time, be a little dismayed by their Aquarius friend’s approach. These Aquarians will usually back off once their message has been received however.

Many Aquarius appear rather astute in their mannerisms and they appeal to the masses, as everyone matters to them. They can seem quite cold in their emotional response and this gives them a reputation of being detached and unaffected by life’s emotional dramas. Much of this will also depend on where the Moon is located in their chart as well as what sign it is in.

There is something unusual and unique about the average Aquarian. They are their own individual and will not attempt to mix in with the general public by matching their clothing style, mannerisms or belief structures. They are different and they know this, and they are usually quite comfortable with this. They also feel that in some way they are special, although this is usually not based on ego. They believe that everyone has something special and unique to offer and that all answers can be found by looking within.

They are great freedom seekers and do not like to be hemmed in, in any way. They are ruled by Uranus, known as the awakener and co-ruled by Saturn. They need to walk their own path and are steadfast in their approach, fixated in their opinions and often quite sure of themselves unless there are other mitigating factors in the birth chart. They are reliable and a good companion and will bring people into their circle that they hardly even know. They are likable, friendly, yet distant and often are non-committed unless they have their freedom.

Friendship is very important to the average Aquarian and they will seek out those with like minds and share their stories with those that are willing to listen. At times, they can be demanding although generally they offer others the same freedom that they seek. In general as romantics, they may leave a bit to be desired although you will have to look at the overall condition of the natal chart as well as the placement of Venus and Mars and any emphasis of the fifth house to confirm this.

They are drawn to almost anyone although they love communication and open talk. As a result, they work well with those that have many air signs. Gemini individuals are very open and dialogue between these two signs can be uplifting and interesting for those that are seeking progressive messages. Some Aquarians do not do well with those individuals that are strong in their emotional nature, as Aquarians seem to have difficulty understanding emotions. They depend on the rational mind although many are intuitive and go by instinct. They are focused on progress and aim to lift themselves out of complacency and will help others to do the same.

Open your door to an Aquarian and you will have a friend for life.

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