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Sun in Aquarius in Astrology

The Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius on January 21st. This post applies to those individuals with the Sun in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of the water bearer which symbolically represents these individuals spreading their ideas and new thoughts into the world. They are quite willing to spread their word and are particularly happy when it is well received. Their intention is to bestow the world with new ideas and also involve others in this progression.

Aquarius individuals are the visionaries of the zodiac and have the ability to see far into the future and find ways to make the world a better place for everyone. They are humanitarian and are very conscious of the influence they might have on their environment. If only they could spread the word. Their mission is a noble one with the general good of all intended. They are progressive thinkers with excellent reasoning abilities and they truly want to provide something for others to share and incorporate into their lives.

They are sympathetic and compassionate with a genuine concern for those around them. Their ideas can be radical and even rebellious, and they are against any type of constraint. Freedom seekers, they reach out beyond the confines of what could be considered normal, extending themselves beyond rational thinking. They are often thought of as trailblazers with progressive, intuitive ideologies in the forefront of their thinking. Aquarians want to change the world and make it a better place for everyone to live. They will patiently try to shake others away from complacency, pushing them into new and unexplored regions of their own minds.

As mentioned, they are progressive thinkers and anything that has become stale and no longer serves a purpose, they insist on changing. When their views are obstructed or interfered with they can easily become impatient and temperamental. They are very fixed in their opinions with an intention of providing what others need on a mental level.

The thinking process is considered quite logical and they have a broad focus. It is all about evolution and bringing in the new with advancement on their minds. Aquarians believe they are right and will follow along a planned route towards a given target. They can be somewhat rebellious but have no problem admitting to this; some are even radical in their ideas and considered quite different. They actually enjoy this.

If you make a friend with an Aquarian, you will never be bored. They have an adventurous spirit and love wide open spaces. There is actually a real need for freedom and a need to roam. Being tied down does not sit well with the average Aquarian.

If you are in search for a logical resolution to a problem they will assist you in reaching a positive conclusion and then make you aware that it was you that came up with the solution.

To get a clearer picture of your Aquarius Sun, check to see which house your Aquarius Sun is located in. This will provide you with more information on how you might utilize these humanitarian principles and put your life to work. Also have a look at aspects from other planets and key point in the birth chart to define how the planets will affect the overall condition of the Sun sign. Check in particular if there are planets in the eleventh house, which is ruled by Aquarius and if there are, this will intensify many of the traits linked to this sign.

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