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The Sun moves into the fixed, air sign of Aquarius on January 19, 2021.

Aquarians have been known to be somewhat eccentric and original. They know they are different but really do not mind. They are known as futuristic and some have visionary concepts that are said to be way ahead of their time. Many other Sun signs will have problems trying to understand some of Aquarius’ concepts.

Aquarians are moral by nature and trustworthy although radical in their thinking process. This, of course, will depend on the sign their Mercury is in and the house their Sun is located in. These placements along with the Ascendant can temper the Aquarius traits or add to their energies.

Aquarians are humanitarian and enjoy discussing a range of progressive topics with others. They have new ideas, and their motto would be “I know” and “Don’t fence me in” or “Don’t tie me down”. They can also be somewhat radical, and it may be hard to sway their opinions yet most Aquarians are open to discussion.

Many are involved in group activities and work well within these groups. They need to share their ideas and learn new material that they can pass on to those that they deem are looking for assistance or need a push to move forward. Aquarians often find it easier to talk with groups of people rather than have a conversation with an individual. They are lovers of mankind and sympathetic to their plight although usually not prone to emotional expression. Much, of course, will depend on the placement of their Moon by sign and house position.

Their symbol is the water bearer which inherently symbolizes the spreading of knowledge. They truly want to push others out of complacency and help motivate people forward. Aquarians always search for logical resolutions to issues brought on by life’s events. The solution that they come up with will be positive in nature. The advanced Aquarian will make others realize that they are the only ones that actually create their problems and as a result, each individual has to fix their own problems. (This is not to say that others will not influence our lives but our reaction to what is said and what we do with the issue is always in our own hands.) Aquarians use their intuition to advance others as these Sun sign individuals know instinctively what others need or at least they think they do.

Those with their Sun in Aquarius in the early degrees will have their Sun making a conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn in mid January 2021. This is a powerful conjunction, and much talk has taken place over the influence of these two giants in recent weeks. When combined with the Sun, this conjunction speaks of goals and aspirations along with the deep inner character traits linked with the Aquarian tendencies going through growth and opportunities although much work will be required to reach viable and favourable results. Much will depend on where the Sun, along with these planets, is located in the natal chart.

If, for example, these planets are found in the first house, this becomes very personal and it may also affect their relationships. Internal goals will be scrutinized and either pursued or worries can accompany these decisions due to the influence of Saturn. It would be wise to push through adversity and move ahead but not to miss any steps along the way.

If, for example, this conjunction takes place in the second house, then this would affect the finances and inner security. Of course, these are short answers and a deep look into the chart is advised to get a full and clear picture. Other aspects will influence these energies as well, and our attitude plays a significant role in these events.

By February, 2021, these planets begin to separate although still considered conjunct until the end of February. During these periods, the Aquarian may find Jupiter has a part in the unfolding of their goals and inner realizations or Saturn will play the more significant role. Saturn tests our resilience and teaches lessons while Jupiter expands and builds towards opportunities promoting positivity and progressive action on our part. Jupiter will be in Aquarius for about one year while Saturn will remain there for about 2 ½ years.

For further information see posts related to Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Saturn conjunct the Sun at in our previous posts. Make sure you take into consideration the houses involved as these will be the areas of life associated with what takes place.

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