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On March 21, 2016, the Sun moves into the sign of Aries which is a Cardinal sign as is Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

People with Aries as their Sun sign are active individuals and like to be involved in all that is going on in their world. They are rather restless individuals who seem to have a lot of energy and drive to achieve in life. They are usually the first ones to move forward on a venture, without worry of failure or fear of not having what it takes to make this endeavour a success. If they happen to fail or fall short of their original goal, they are quite willing to get back up and start again. If the idea does not move forward, they are quite willing to let it go and start on another project.

They prefer to be active and truly hate being bored. Because of this, Aries individuals often move forward head first into whatever they have their sights on. They live in the moment and are concerned with their own private activities although they also focus on their family, their home environment and their profession. They have no problem when it comes to taking chances and because of this, they may have to make many attempts at succeeding on any particular goal.

If they find resistance to their goals, they have no problem going it alone. As a matter of fact they would probably do better going it alone, as they work better by themselves or prefer to have a lead hand in what takes place.

Aries is a Fire sign and this energy can make them impulsive, spontaneous and very productive, but their hearts have to be into whatever they attempt to achieve. They can be inspirational to others with their great enthusiasm and zest for life. They do, however, need to realize that other people also have their own agendas and needs, and what the Aries individual is looking to achieve is not the most important thing to everyone. It is natural for Arians to put themselves and their personal interests first.

Aries are self-motivated and do not need others to propel them forward. They also have the ability to move others out of their complacency with their great enthusiasm and optimistic approach to life. Once they make up their mind on a course of action, very little will stand in their way. Life would be a little less repetitive for them if they would stop to take a moment to weigh out all possibilities and likelihoods before taking action.

If an Aries individual wants something and this includes love and romance, they will pursue it relentlessly or at least until they find out whether or not the other person is interested. They can be loyal if they find someone who is willing to follow them and will move mountains to help others. They can be very kind hearted and willing to lend a hand, but these are from the more advanced Arians.

Their persistence is admirable as is their ability to pick themselves up after hardships. We could certainly learn resilience from these individuals


Aries individuals are entrepreneurs by nature and are always in the forefront of groundbreaking activities.

Find yourself an Aries individual to love and to share your life with and you will never be short of activities to pursue and dreams to fulfill.

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