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SUN IN ARIES 2017, PART I Sun in Aries characteristics

The Sun will move into the sign of Aries on March 21 in 2017. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and also rules the first house. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Mars is considered a war like planet in that it is not afraid to move forward with its objectives and is fearless once in action. Mars is often the driving force behind personal achievement and ambition, along with Saturn although Saturn is more affiliated with ambitions linked to the profession.

Aries is a fire sign, associated with action and boldness. Many Aries people have the ability to push through any blocks and will push ahead with their intentions regardless of intrusion or even the potential for defeat. If they do fail, they are quite willing to cut their losses and rise up to another pursuit with as much vigor as their previous efforts. Failure too many Arieans is just another opportunity to learn and begin again with new found potentials and goals.

These individuals can be rather impulsive and are usually the first to move forward in their objectives and also the first ones to finish what they set out to do. There is little wasted time and there is no time like present to advance in whatever areas they deem appropriate. They are very direct in their approach and will seldom pretend that they are doing something or making plans without actually following up on their plans. Their goal is to achieve and get things moving. They would really like it if they got the same response from others.

Aries individuals feel comfortable in pursuing their objectives because they believe in themselves. If by chance they fail in their goals, it will be because they did not plan well enough or moved forward without the proper resources. They like a challenge and are willing to set things in motion even when others tell them that they are not ready. Very little actually stands in their way except themselves.

Arieans often have a “me first” attitude and even when they are working towards the good of someone else, they seek control of the situation. They are generally kind and compassionate people with the good of others at heart, but sometimes can be a little too blunt and aggressive in their pursuit.

Aries is all about getting things done and clearing away that which no longer serve a purpose. This is their pursuit; this is their purpose.

Part II of our focus on Aries will be posted March 22, 2017. Here is a link for your convenience.

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