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SUN IN ARIES 2017, PART II - FORECAST Uranus conjunct the Sun

This is Part II of our look at Sun in Aries 2017. Part I was posted on March 20, 2017.

In the coming year (2017) Uranus is conjunct those with an Aries Sun between 17 degrees and the final degree of Aries. The Uranus will also conjunct those with the Sun in early degrees of Taurus as well this year, but this will be discussed in our post for the Sun in Taurus coming up on or before April 20, 2017.

With the conjunction to the Sun in the sign of Aries, Uranus has the push it needs to instigate change - hopefully constructive change. The important focus for those with the Sun in these degrees is to take the necessary time to think and prepare for the plans that might be born during this conjunction. Jumping without due reflection and research can lead to big mistakes and these decisions can lead to undesirable conclusions. Take your time and plan things out, if given the opportunity.

There are great potentials with this combination--a new start, actions leading to great achievements on a personal level. You can discover things about yourself that you never even knew existed before this time. You can discover avenues of expression that not only put a new perspective on what you might want for yourself over the coming year, but also what might play an important role in your overall life conditions. What you set in motion now can produce lasting results or quick impressionable changes that will bring freedom of expression. You can now move away from anything that is restricting and find new instinctual actions that will pave the way for further growth in years to come.

Sometimes the changes that are set in motion happen now because they are intended and you would not take these chances prior to this time. There may very well be some unexpected twists and turns that take you down roads of life that you never knew existed. Sometimes these new roads will surface out of the blue and you may be ill prepared. The best approach is to be open to anything happening and to expect the unexpected. Maintain a vision for the future and the outcome of your visions will be uncovered over time.

Of course there is the potential for a stumble during this conjunction but other factors would have to play a part in the process. This would not happen on its own. There must be a trigger. Life can become quite unpredictable and extremely erratic behaviour has the potential to express itself. You may be thrown into situations and life can carry you away on its wave of uncertainty. If life does seem to dictate, recognize that over time these situations usually carry with them the potential for much needed change. With this change comes growth from these experiences. Once again expect the unexpected but go along for the ride. Sometimes any attempt at trying to control the situation only results in delayed reactions and much harsher circumstances at a later date. If your life has become dull and monotonous, you will likely experience some upheaval and excitement.

It is important to consider what actions you take and how these actions will affect others. Because we are focusing on Aries, it is important to realize that personal needs must be taken care of first. Life undoubtedly needs a shakeup and these apparent changes are all part of the process. Hang on for the ride and realize that more often than not these changes are for the best. Be sure to take care of yourself if you are experiencing a more than ideal ride during this aspect as your health can be a cause for concern if you allow yourself to become stressed. Make sure you use the energies that these planets insist on bringing to the surface and also be careful while operating motor vehicles and power tools. A little extra care can go a long way to avoid avoidable accidents.

Expect new things and people to enter your life at this time. Be open to change and accept what you cannot change. You are never at the mercy of life as you always have the potential to think things through and rationalize your life and control your attitude and your focus. Remember, these changes or events are necessary. They are brought on because life from a higher perspective has stagnated and the soul demands evolution. Dear Aries as you know, you hold the reins. Without worry, step forward into what might be the unknown and know that this is meant for you.

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