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The Sun moved out of the gentle, passive and introverted sign of Pisces (depending on the rest of the chart of course) into the sign of Aries, a much more aggressive and extroverted sign on March 20, 2023.

Those individuals with their Sun in Aries, depending on the degree, will experience the conjunction with Transiting Jupiter and Mercury, the sextile from T Pluto, and the conjunction of the North Node in the foreseeable future. There is a busy year coming up with lots of energy for those with this sun sign. We will look closer at the transits affecting Sun in Aries tomorrow.

Aries individuals, in general, are aggressive with their pursuits, interested in attaining goals and always ready to move forward. They are often the first to rush in and because of this initiative they can have a tendency to make mistakes, but they can pick up the pieces and begin again when necessary.

Those with strong Aries tendencies (many planets in the first house, Aries rising or an overemphasized Mars in their natal chart) tend to have a real push to make things happen especially when it comes to personal pursuits. Ariens are leaders not followers and need to be in positions where they can extend their get up and go attitude on to others, although they also must realize that not everyone is like them.

There is a desire to learn and an eagerness to push into new realms. Ariens are the explorers of life and life would be very boring if there was not a new adventure for them to dive into.

If you were to form a relationship with an Aries individual, be ready for action as life will be filled with things to do and will be adventurous, almost to the extreme. You will not have many dull moments with an Aries friend, and they can teach you a thing or two about assertiveness and personal drive.

Moon in Aries suggests strong emotional needs that are tied to self.

Mercury in Aries suggests a powerful mind that cannot be easily swayed and there is a strong need to pursue personal mental objectives.

Venus in Aries often speaks of someone who initiates romance and is often secure with their own personal manner of moving in the area of love.

Mars in Aries often suggests someone with a lot of energy and a strong drive in life to succeed.

Jupiter in Aries believes in themselves and moves forward with big plans often reaching or advancing in the prime objectives.

Happy solar return to our Aries readers.

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