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For the remainder of 2017 and as far forward as May, 2018, transiting Uranus will reside in the sign of Aries. Uranus goes into retrograde motion in November, 2018 moving back into Aries, until it finally returns into the sign of Taurus in March, 2019. Uranus also goes retrograde on August 3, 2017 and will move as far back as 24 degrees Aries and then start its direct motion once again.

It is said that Uranus’ energies while in direct motion push us towards a new found freedom from any restrictions to our personal growth and independence. Some Astrologers have noted that while in the retrograde motion Uranus’ energies are more directed towards defending the course of other individuals, although certainly not always. During its retrograde cycle, Uranus’ energies become more potent, although often from an internal perspective.

Uranus does stimulate psychological exploration and as Uranus is linked to freedom many of us will re-evaluate conditions of the past during its retrograde cycle. This evaluation might define what we believe will be the right moves to make. It is often about liberation on some level and breaking free and beginning anew more often than not on a different path. Uranus’s action is often unexpected and sudden. The action may come out of nowhere but the intellect has been stimulated and much may have been going on before we actually take that jump or leap of faith.

Uranus is also impulsive and when connected to the Sun, it may take charge of action with regards to life’s objectives and goals that may have laid dormant for some time. Those of us affected by this energy may unexpectedly jump into a situation and make changes that will make us question our decision after the fact. Many times these sudden unexpected moves happen because of outside conditions in our lives, and we may feel as though we need to make some drastic changes in order to clear the air or find a new path that is more suitable for our evolutionary quest.

Sometimes changes seem to happen without our awareness that they are somehow necessary to our inner growth. Things may have been moving along smoothly for many years and all of a sudden the carpet seems to be pulled out from under our feet. Believe it or not the changes taking place will work out over the long haul and will actually benefit our overall life conditions. Sometimes we will not move out of comfortable conditions in life when we need to so outside forces must to push us in that direction. This is not to say that we should jump because something seems to be pushing us. It is always suggested that we take the time necessary to think things out before doing anything rash. However, with the Uranus’ energies activated in our chart, sometimes life just seems to happen. Do not worry. Under most conditions if we are living our lives as we should, this energy will not be too disruptive. We may only have to make minor adjustments along the way.

Uranus’ energies, however, do need to be released and they are sometimes abrasive and unpredictable. If by chance you feel as though you are being swept along life’s current, do not resist its energies too much and go with the flow of life. It will eventually take you to where you need to go. Fighting only delays the inevitable as eventually you will end up downstream (and this is exactly where you are suppose to be).

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