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The Sun moved into the sign of Cancer at 6:08 a.m. (EST) today, June 21, 2018.

Cancer is a cardinal sign offering those with this free flowing Sun the push to succeed particularly when it comes to nurturing and caring for those that they love.

Cancer individuals are emotional and sensitive and genuinely care about the welfare of others, especially family.

Many with strong emphasis in the Sign of Cancer (or fourth house) have a real difficult time separating their feelings from their thoughts. They feel what they think and this unique insight can often lead to the opening of channels to intuition and psychic perception, as these gifts are generally not part of the intellect.

With strong emotional ties to their personality, Cancer individuals are usually known for their gentleness and tranquil nature. Do not be fooled by perhaps their standoffish manner especially when ridiculed or when they feel attacked emotionally for there is a lot that goes on beneath the surface.

The sensitivity that is so inherent within this group of unique individuals can become their greatest asset as time passes or become their weakest element in their psyche if self-expression is hindered.

Currently, those individuals with their Sun sign in and around the 20 degree Cancer mark (allow an orb from about 13 degrees to 22 degrees Cancer) have an opposition to Pluto in their astrology chart. As at June 13, 2018 transiting Pluto was at 20 degrees and 42minutes in the sign of Capricorn. The closer transiting Pluto moves to forming a direct opposition to your Sun, the stronger the energies will becomes. Those with their Sun in earlier or later degrees of Cancer will have to check an ephemeris for dates when this opposition was direct or is going to be direct in their charts.

Pluto’s energies focus on transformations and the need to uprooting due to required change. Often the changes that come to pass are permanent in their nature and what once was will no longer exist....they will be a thing of the past. These changes can be personal and stem from delving deep within to uncover anything that needs to surface or be faced. This can involve relationships of significance, working conditions, health regiments, children, spiritual enlightenment, finances, security issues and self-undoing just to name a few. Much will depend on the areas of life involvement which will be signified by the house positions affected in your personal astrology chart.

Oppositions often involve others and frequently they speak in terms of actions taken by others which force change and disruption for you. This is not to say that you have nothing to do with what might be transpiring but often the instigators stem from other people or outside influences. This can be quite disruptive but when the energies finally complete their cycle which is usually when transiting Pluto is at least 2 degrees past being direct and completely finished its contact (retrograde motion can bring back the issue), then life settles and the changes put in place can be viewed from a different perspective than when we were caught up in the transition.

The energies of this transit from Pluto to the Cancer Sun are long lasting, often challenging and many times, life changing and permanent in nature. People need to make significant alterations to the issues at hand and stick with what they are aiming to put in place. If you become complacent or try to avoid the needed changes, outside influences seem to step in and alter life’s course so that things line up the way they should. Be ready for transformation, regeneration and resolution over a period of time. Acknowledge that the changes set in place are always for your greater good, even when it does not appear that way in the beginning. This change is necessary and beneficial.

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