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Today June 21, 2022, the Sun moved from the mutable, air sign of Gemini into the cardinal water sign of Cancer. If you were to read our last post of Gemini, you will note that there is quite a difference between Gemini and Cancer. Gemini is a changeable, studious, and communicative sign while Cancer is a highly sensitive, not overly changeable (although from an emotional level they can certainly shift quite easily). Gemini seeks to gather information from an intellectual perspective while Cancer seeks to gain information through an emotional perspective and from intuition.

Cancerians are deep and reflective. As mentioned they are very intuitive, feeling their way through life. They are gentle beings with a need for a quiet place where they can recharge their emotional batteries. They usually do not do well with adversity, and many enjoy cooking or are home bodies. They can be overly protective especially of their children, family in general and the close family of friends.

Due to their extreme sensitivity, they often hide their feelings which a Cancerian may feel is their weakness (hidden in their protective shell). Only those that show sensitivity and can be trusted will be allowed to penetrate the Cancer shell of protection. This is not to say that Cancerians are weak; far from it. They are defenders of the underdog and will fight relentlessly if need be, but also prefer not to get involved in aggressive situations.

If there are other indicators in the natal chart, like the Grand Water Trine or many planets in the water houses (4,8 and 12) these individuals can be sensitive enough to pick up vibrations from others and many are considered quite psychic or at the very least intuitive. Their perception is keen. They love to mother others and would do well in any field of caring for others, such as nurses, caregivers, or counselors. Cancerians make good counselors providing they do not allow themselves to take on the energies of those that they are working with.

As a side note, as with any sign, cancer traits can be softened by other strong influences in the chart. Eg someone with Sun in Cancer, Moon, Mars & Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury, Venus and Rising sign in Leo would express themselves with a lot of fortitude and would want others to know of their existence. It is always important to look at the full chart. Our Sun in Cancer is a general definition of Cancerian traits.

Happy solar return to our Cancer readers.

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