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On June 22, 2023 the Sun moves from the Mutable, Air sign Gemini into the Cardinal, Water sign Cancer.

Those with their Sun in Cancer will be experiencing a Solar Return on the exact day that the Sun is in the position that it was in when they were born. This will apply to all people who have their Sun in Cancer, but the date will vary for everyone.

Those with their Moon in Cancer, their Ascendant in the sign of Cancer or those with an emphasis on the fourth house will also have some of the same character traits that will be mentioned in this post.

The Sun sign is who we are inside, the Ascendant is the way we present ourselves to the public, (what people see), the fourth house carries with it the general theme of Cancer although it will be influenced greatly by the energies of the planets found within its boarders.

Those with this positioning are emotionally inclined and have a difficult time not releasing their emotions, although they can hide them when they put up their shell of protection. Some Cancerians consider this their weakness, while others who know themselves well know that their emotional interaction is actually a strong character trait that they have in abundance.

These individuals are nurturing, caring, sensitive and often intuitive and interpret life through their feels rather than mentally. They evaluate their life circumstances by how they feel under certain situations. They often rely on their sensitivity and can usually rely on this intuitive feedback. Their feeling nature is highly developed.

Family and close friends, which they could call the family of friends, are important to them. They will nurture and take care of these people and offer their emotional support whenever needed. They will protect the family and stand up for those in need. However, Cancerians should learn to not get overly involved in the situations surrounding them as they feel what others feel (maybe not as deeply as their counterpart Pisces but deeply).

The home environment must be a place of retreat and they will surround themselves with comfort and peaceful conditions. They need a place where they can recharge their emotional batteries and the home environment must provide this. Their home is their sanctuary and their safe haven. A warm home with perhaps a fireplace and close to nature with water access is important for their well-being and they will strive to have this and offer this to those they love.

Most Cancerians are caring and compassionate individuals and would do well working with others in a nurturing environment such as a hospital or nursing home. Their sensitivity is a great asset if they do not take on the concerns of those around them and make them personal.

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