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An Astrological Sun sign, by definition, is descriptive of our most inner self. Some of the more gentle or subdued Sun signs can be highly influenced by other stronger factors in the chart. This could include several planets often linked by a Stellium in one house other than the house ruled by the Sun sign. Another example is a powerful rising sign which is enforced by many aspects from other planets. To a lesser extent, modalities, elements and an emphasis in different house segments can also dilute the Sun Sign characteristics. This is why some people do not have a powerful identification with their Sun sign although the Sun sign usually identifies us rather well deep within.

On June 22, this year (2017) the Sun will enter the sign of Cancer.

Those with the Sun in Cancer are clearly identified by their emotional state, which is subject to change depending upon outside circumstances. One day they can be uplifting and emotionally secure and the next day they may appear emotionally upset and moody. It is important that these highly sensitive individuals understand that their emotions are affected by their surroundings. Cancer individuals must always have a place of comfort and peace to return to after a day of interaction with the world.

Most Cancer people are sensitive to the needs of others as well as their own person needs. They are protective of others and their own emotions and will fight for the underdog or those who are wronged. When confronted, they often hide behind a wall of security which to others may seem hard to penetrate. Cancer individual’s emotions are actually sensitive to criticism and many Cancer individuals hold on to these comments for a long time. They are “feeling” people and feel everything intensely. Because of this, they protect themselves accordingly.

Those with strong Cancer tendencies are nurturing to family and also those that could be considered family. Many are avid cooks and enjoy entertaining those individuals that have a close place in their heart. Some are talkative, especially if they have a strong Venus or Gemini character traits in their chart, but many are somewhat subdues, preferring to listen rather than participate. Much depends on the overall astrological chart’s condition.

As mentioned, Cancer’s need a private place where they can recharge their emotional batteries, and their home has to reflect this. Many will have their home decorated in soft colours and filled with articles that hold memories as they can be attached to the past. Family, children and close friends are important to them. They care deeply and will work tirelessly to keep these people in their lives, but if emotionally hurt by them, Cancer individuals can resort to letting them go from their lives, especially if they are emotionally hurt repetitively.

If there are other factors in the chart, such as an emphasis in water, or a Grand Water Trine, or a close contact between Neptune and Pluto, these individuals often has psychic tendencies. Some become intuitive or are born with some traits links to the supernatural.

Cancer individuals can provide services offering assistance to those in their times of need. They feel out situations and are highly susceptible to outside influences. As a result, Cancer people will have to be careful not to take on energies of others while attempting to help them.

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