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In continuation from our post for those with their Sun in Cancer and the effects of Saturn posted on June 21, 2019, we will now touch on the effects of transiting Pluto in opposition to those with their Sun in Cancer. Pluto, when this post is being written, is still in its retrograde cycle and will remain in this cycle until October 3, 2019. It hovers between 20 and 23 degrees until the end of 2019. Those that have their Sun at these degrees in Cancer will be experiencing this opposition.

Saturn and Pluto will be tightly conjunct in January of 2020 at 22degree so this will be when these energies in combination will be at their strongest.

Those Cancerions with their Sun around 18 degrees and up to 25 degrees will still be affected by this conjunction and to a lesser degree anyone having planets by major aspect to these degrees will also be influenced, except those with their Sun in the sign of Capricorn as they will be experiencing the conjunction.

Pluto deals with regeneration, transformation and often points towards an ending of sorts in whatever area of life is involved (house position). Pluto is rarely insignificant especially in Conjunction, Opposition or Square aspects. Pluto will often initiate massive change as the individuals in question are presented with internal alignments or external activities. Pluto is not passive in its expression although it may come in gently just prior to a more intense period and provide hints on what needs change before it often brings dynamic action.

Pluto is not to be ignored and its actions are intense and can be upsetting (if you fight the process) especially when in conjunction or opposition to our natal placements. However, it should be noted that once Pluto has run its course which usually begins to subside around 2-3degrees out of orb, the changes that took place will have pushed you out of situations that were no longer suitable for your path in life. Over time and this can mean as much as two years after initial contact, we begin to fully understand what actually took place and the why behind these actions.

Although the energies from Pluto can be disruptive and sometimes even aggressive or violent in nature, they teach us important lessons that can be used as life progresses, and we will make adjustments that push us in our intended direction. Pluto energies are focused on change, disruption and/or regeneration, eventually promoting transformations that enhance our life and add to our life’s story. Pluto is always an agent of needed transformation and often pushes us into action.

If and when Pluto is in opposition to our natal Sun, many times the actions of others is what propels us forward and promotes aggressive change and disruption in our lives. Oppositions always suggest outside influences and often these changes that take hold are brought on through other people. We may not even be able to change the course of action that unfolds in our lives. Careful examination is advised and self-examination is often a by-product of what unfolds.

“Bringing things to the surface” is what Pluto is all about. Allow the energies to do what they must do instead of fighting the process. It will make the change much more bearable but nonetheless, the outcome will be beneficial.

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