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On December 21 2019, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. Those with this placement of their Sun will experience a lot of conjunctions depending on the degree of their Sun sign for parts of this upcoming year.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 30, 2019 through until January 16, 2020.

Mars goes into Capricorn on February 17, 2020.

Jupiter went into Capricorn on December 3, 2019 and will remain there until December, 2020 and as a result will touch all Sun in Capricorn individuals at some point over the next 12 months.

Saturn remains in Capricorn until March, 2020 and Pluto will also remain in Capricorn for several years to come.

As you can see those with their Sun in Capricorn will have many planets making conjunctions to their Sun over the next year. Check an ephemeris to see where these planets are by degree and when they will make the conjunctions in your chart. The house where the Sun is located natally in a Capricornian’s chart will be the area of life which will have the most direct influence.

Houses are areas of life and the Sun has to do with our goals and life’s path as well as our inner self. Conjunctions merge the energies of the Sun and the planets involved and their energies focus as one. You will also need to have a look at how the Sun is aspected in your natal chart, as the aspects it receives from other planets in the natal chart will also be factored into the equation when deciphering the meanings of these current day (transiting) conjunctions.

Those with their Sun in Capricorn have an inner need to advance and are usually willing to go to great lengths to see their goals through to fruition. They are achievers, often with strong will power and determination. This is what assists them up that ladder of success.

Those individuals that are unwilling to do the foundation work will not achieve as much as they could. Capricorn individuals cannot skip any steps in any process, and in many cases, they are always looking ahead to the next step towards that ultimate goal. Perseverance is strong and they need a clear path forward in order to achieve their goals. They won’t speculate; instead they follow their prime directive.

Most Capricorns are reliable and steady. They are often leaders and not always good at following although if their superiors are forthright and educated in their field, a Capricorn individual will not mind following the expert. The Capricorn individual actually admires these individuals.

Follow-through is also evident in most Capricorn individuals.

Many Capricorns have a difficult time expressing their emotions. This is not to say that they are cold or emotionless. This is not usually the case. These individuals just have a difficult time releasing their emotions. Much of course will depend on the house placement of the Sun and the house and sign position of the Moon.

In many cases Capricorns are strong and independent individuals. When raising a family, they can be quite strict. They may demand respect and in turn, respect others. They will do their part in financial terms and also with obligations and duties. Many are somewhat subdued and those individuals that are extroverted can easily take over the conversation while Capricorn sits back and listens. Although while listening, they are likely forming their own opinions which are usually based on fact and then they might express themselves and others will listen. When they talk, which is not all together that often, people will listen. What they have to say might be important.

Those with their Sun in and around the 22/23 degree mark will be experiencing the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn on their Sun and will likely go through periods of transformation along with challenging conditions to overcome especially when it comes to goals in life. Much will depend on what area of life is involved. This aspect is at its height from December 2019 into February 2020. Power struggles may be evident and delays and setbacks are possible. By late February, Saturn will have moved out of orb so the intensity will back off somewhat, although Pluto will still be in effect for some time to come.

Endings and new beginnings will likely be highlighted.

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