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Sun in Gemini

The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on the 22 of May in 2015. Gemini is a mutable sign and natally rules the third house. Those that have the Sun in Gemini, the Ascendant in Gemini and Planets located in the third house will resonate with some of the following characteristics. If you find that some of these qualities do not apply to you, there will be other strong influences in your birth chart that moderate some of the Gemini characteristics or which may overpower them.

Those with strong Gemini in their birth charts are known to be versatile and adaptable and find it easy to move from one topic or event to another. They enjoy being on the move and love change and variety in their lives. It takes a lot to keep a typical Gemini entertained for long periods of time. If you are trying to find something that stimulates their attention, you will need to activate their busy minds with things that arouse their intellect.

Gemini love to explore different facets of life. They are adventurous and easily stimulated but have a short attention span, so you will have to keep them entertained with many topics to hold their attention for extended periods. They need stimuli and variety in life or they become bored. They are busy people and love to stay on the go most of the time. Travel and education are areas of life that hold their attention. You will enjoy time spent with them while on vacations and sharing learned knowledge through communication.

Communication is the key to much of their happiness and the majority of Geminians have some knowledge on a variety of subjects. The only problem is that they scatter their energies so much that they rarely have deep knowledge on anything specific. They like to skim the surface on many subjects and can be quite knowledgeable on many varied subjects. They know a little about almost anything. If they were able to keep their focus on one subject for an extended period of time, they would be amazed at how much information they could gather and how extensive this knowledge could become.

Geminians’ beliefs are subject to change.

Those with strong Gemini in their charts can begin to read a book, be quite entertained by its contents and find the information fascinating but it is not always that they will complete this book. If something else draws their attention, they can easily be swayed off topic and move to something in a completely different direction from what they were doing just prior. They truly believe that variety is the spice of life. These individuals make great companions if you want variety and adventure in your daily life. You will not have a chance to become bored and you can spend much of the conversation time listening to what they have to say about most any subject.

Life has to be exciting and stimulating and should be adventurous and even extreme at times. If this is how life is, they would be quite happy. They are intellectual and love conversations on many levels. They will never be short on words or information and usually retain quite a bit of information during these intermittent explorations.

Gemini is a very inquisitive sign and they are also very interested in their own personal lives. Many will read this post, partly for entertainment and partly from being inquisitive and wanting to learn more about themselves.

Gemini people are changeable but they are also adaptable to these changes. They are ready for almost anything and will be willing to venture far and wide both physically and mentally to learn more of what life has to offer. Geminians will be quite willing to share themselves and their lives with those that matter to them.


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