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The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on May 21, 2017.

The following characteristics can be applied to those with their Sun in Gemini as well as those with Gemini as their Rising Sign. Although the rest of the chart can modify these natal characteristics, the Sun is generally representative of inner traits which may be reflected outward to some extent. The rising sign is indicative of character traits that are visible to everyone and always outwardly expressed. The rising sign is your outward expression…the face you show to the world. The Sun sign characteristics, although they carry the same tendencies, can be modified by the rising sign.

Someone with a weak Capricorn Sun (not implying that all Capricorn Sun placements are less strong as they are not) and a powerful influence of Leo (lets say five planets especially connecting some inner planets in Leo or a conglomeration of planets in the fifth house) will show the dominant Leo tendencies much more than the Capricorn Sun which would be diluted in this case.

Gemini individuals are talkative, expressive, enthusiastic and very restless. They need constant stimulation especially stimulation linked to learning, such as reading materials. They have many interests and are usually self educated to an extent on subjects of interest. They may tend to skit along the surface of many subjects and they do not go overly deep on any one given subject.

These individuals love variety, and change is almost a prerequisite to their happiness. They will avoid anything that they consider boring and although sensitive and sympathetic to others, they can release themselves from influences of what they term negativity. They will have to watch from taking on other people’s problems. They must learn over time how to separate themselves from adversity. Running away from challenge is not advised, although it may appear to be the easy route. They have great analytical abilities and can challenge any problem rather than run from them. This is a very intellectual placement and the thinking process is quick although indecisive at times.

The ruling planet is Mercury which is closely tied to the mind and communication. Teaching, writing and communication such as public speaking would be right up a Gemini’s alley. They need intellectual stimulus to be happy. Watch for a tendency for idle chatter, gossip and jumping from one subject to another. These individuals must learn to focus and bring to life what they are thinking and then share these thoughts with others as this will add to their intellectual connections. They must accept the lesson to listen whole-heartedly and to allow their thoughts to run deep. There is much insight available if they choose to follow these guidelines.

Some key words that apply to Gemini individuals are skillful, nimble, able, cleaver and dexterous, as well as scattered, adaptable, changeable and versatile.

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