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SUN IN LEO - JULY 22, 2019

The Sun moves into the noble sign of Leo at 10:51 p.m. EDT on July 22, 2019. Leo is symbolically linked to the Lion....the king of the jungle.

Those individuals with strong Leo tendencies in their birth chart certainly wish to have some reign over their personal kingdom. They are proud and charismatic individuals, who will be noticed when they make an entrance. They are leaders (seldom followers) and wish to help those around them by organizing life so that it flows gracefully and accommodating.

Leo is the sign of the actor and they are inclined towards the dramatic yet their intensions are honorable and always for the betterment of those individuals that they touch. They truly want to be of help although they also have a tendency to take over situations. They like to rule over matters and often believe that they know what is best for others. In many cases, this might be true but there are others, such as a typical Aries or Capricorn, that feel quite comfortable leading their own lives and making their own decisions. The classic Leo will have to learn when it is appropriate to advance their intentions and when they should just sit back and allow.

A Leo individual is a kind-hearted soul, who is ruled by their heart, and although quite ambitious and certain of themselves, they will listen to advice every now and then. After which, they will make up their own mind on how to respond to the advice.

Leo’s are driven to succeed and maneuver their way up the ladder of success regardless of what personal success looks like to them. They don’t like ridicule and resent those that do not pay homage to what they are trying to do. They like rewards and recognition and can be hurt when no reaction comes from all their hard work.

Those with their Sun in Leo (in the middle degrees) will have Jupiter, which is in Sagittarius, trine to their Sun sign position in the near future (check an ephemeris to locate the position of Jupiter through its transit). Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December and makes a quincunx then to the early degree Sun in Leo. Jupiter while in trine offers up opportunities and easy flow to those that their Astrology charts line up with this trine aspect. Jupiter often produces good luck, growth in a positive sense especially linked to goals and aspirations and promotes higher learning sometimes attached to religious or spiritual inclinations already inherent in the individual.

The Sun/Jupiter connection is a positive aspect and in many cases the flow runs easily. Those with this aspect will have to do little in order for things to work in their favour. It is always suggested, however, that we apply some push in order to reach higher heights of success.

There will be times of adjustments for those with their Sun in the later degrees of Leo due to the placement of Jupiter when it moves into Capricorn and also for those in the earlier degrees. The ones with the later degree Sun will deal with the combined energies of Pluto and Saturn in early 2020 which might stir up quite the uprising. Much will depend on the houses (areas of life) being affected and the degree of your Sun as to what will be affected and what you can do with the energies.

Regardless of challenge, any aspect can work out favourably and Astrology points out the best approach to dealing with both the positive energies and the lessons to be learned. With the right information, we can propel ourselves ahead in leaps and bounds.

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