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The Sun moves into the sign of Libra today, the 24th of September this year.

Libra is a sign of justice and equality and many Libra people are very pronounced in these areas. Fairness and upholding what is right is what this sign stands for. The right way to live is important to most Libra people and it is not just focused on what comes their way in life; it is also reflected outward with their friends and even further into community, into culture and with the rights of mankind. Justice first and fairness to all is the hallmark of this sign.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and the energy of Venus creates people who enjoy peace, are harmony seekers and usually very social. They love to please and will always take the middle ground on any of life’s issue. They will stand behind both parties not wishing to stir the pot by solely supporting one person’s point of view, even if they are privately swayed in another direction. They will back each person separately and stand by each one. If by chance they happen to revisit the same subject again when both parties are present, they would be the first to try to remove the attention away from them and their own personal stance. Harmony is their ultimate goal in life and they will take whatever route necessary to best suits this purpose.

Libra is an air sign and most Libra people are intellectual by nature. They enjoy communication although not confrontation as this rocks the boat. Most are very likable and pleasant in their nature. They are friendly, social and easy to talk with. Their aim is co-operation just to keep the peace and harmony in life that they so emphatically need.

Their astrological symbol is the scales and this is how they what to live life. Life has to be balanced and when the scales are out of balance, life can be chaotic and they become restless and stressed. Libra is not a balanced sign as many would think. It is a sign that requires balance and justice.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, partnerships and love are important factors in life. Very few Libra people feel complete until they have met the perfect mate. It is said that when they are in public, they are very peace-loving and will not rock the boat, but in close personal relationships that they consider significant, they are not afraid to voice their opinion. What they say matters and if it rocks the boat, so be it. Many can actually be a little nit-picky when it comes to important partnerships in life.

When you look at the Sun sign, look also at the house where it is located in the birth chart and also where Venus by house placement is located when dealing with Libra. This provides us with a clearer picture of how the Sun is manifested in the chart. Look also at the aspects from other planets to the Sun and also how Venus is aspected n the natal chart as this will further identify the Libran personality traits.


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