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Sun in Libra

The Sun is now in the sign of Libra and this post applies to those who are born with the Sun in Libra or have a Libra Ascendant. The difference between having a Sun sign in Libra and having an Ascendant in Libra primarily is that the Sun sign is normally reflective of our inner character while the Ascendant usually depicts our outer personality--the personality we reveal to the world and our first reaction to outside stimuli.

With this placement strong in your Chart, life is a balancing act. People with this Sun sign always need to find balance in life and particularly within their important relationships. Because of this need for balance and harmony in their life, some of these individuals are often said to change direction in mid-stream, just to avoid confrontation. They have an uncanny ability to see both sides of almost any situation and are great at the art of compromise in order to keep things at peace.

They sway from side to side making alterations to keep everyone happy although they are very open to dialogue within their personal relationships and are not afraid to rock the boat when necessary. Justice is their prime concern and they carefully analyse situations to decide what the best route to take is. This makes them comfortable in making decisions on behalf of those around them that require guidance. They see something positive in most circumstances. These individuals make great mediators.

In partnership, and as mentioned this is a primary focus of their life, they strive for peace and harmony but often have trouble taking responsibility for their actions. They would rather push the blame on others to avoid taking responsibility for a condition gone astray.

Libra people are very social and eager to cooperate for the general good of others. This makes them very approachable and they are usually well liked. Seeking the middle ground is their prime objective and if the truth is unpleasant, they will find a little white lie to absorb the blunt of what the truth might represent. In their mind, these little white lies can protect others as well as themselves and it is ok to use this tactic to save face or hurt.

Because of this need for balance and harmony at almost any cost, some Libra individuals have difficulties making a stand. They are often found sitting on the fence and to some of the more assertive signs in the Zodiac, this character trait is viewed as somewhat weak. Libra individuals are always looking for the right way to express life or the best way to deal with life when problems could arise. Harmony is the ultimate condition that they seek and although many have high expectations in life, they are quite willing to let things slide in order to maintain that middle ground that is so appealing to them.

It is no wonder that their symbol is the scales of justice. Their goal is to bringing equality to all and fairness into all situations, without pondering too heavily on what these inherent traits represent to the world at large. Balance, harmony and peace are the hallmarks of this justice oriented sign and peace at any cost would be their mantra.

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