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The Sun moves from a need to be organized and structured Virgo into the desire for balance and harmonious sign of Libra today, September 22, 2022.

Libra is not a balanced sign; it is a balancing sign.

Libra is a relationship sign meaning that relationships, especially when it comes to marriage partnerships, hold great relevance to them. They need relationships of significance to feel whole and are rarely found to be by themselves although of course there are exceptions. If they leave an important relationship, they are quick to search for another, or alternatively, someone has their eyes on them as soon as they become available.

Libra individuals are very cordial, and most people find them very approachable. The typical Libra individual always wants to repair situations that need mending and look for peaceful resolutions to any conflicts that may arise.

Libra individuals always seek the middle ground and make excellent mediators doing what is necessary to make peace. This makes them likable and they are not too aggressive in pushing for solutions but will make suggestions in gentle rather selective ways.

Libra is tied to justice and fairness so when they are trying to solve issues they will be fair. They would do well as lawyers as long as they believed in what they were doing. If there were any wrong doings, they would certainly do their part to bring integrity and legitimacy to the table.

As mentioned, relationships are important but these individuals are not afraid to speak their mind when communicating with their partner in most cases. This is where they make concessions with gentle mediation as the right way is important and they wish to be heard.

Libra individuals are intellectuals and, depending on the sign of Mercury in their chart, they are given to honest communication, although peace is still at the forefront.

Happy Solar Return to our Libra readers!

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