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The Sun moves into the sign of Libra on September 23, 2017. It has just left the conscientious, meticulous sign of Virgo and now moves into a much more moderate energy. Libra’s energy is compromising and works in diplomatic ways to create peace and harmony. Libra is a balancing sign. Many people believe it to be a balanced sign, but this is not the case. Peace and harmony are key to Libra finding balance and Libra will go to extremes to create this for themselves and others.

Libra is a very social sign and is intellectual. These individuals love a good debate, although it will moderate the conversation if things tend to seem out of balance. Libra is the peacekeeper of the Zodiac and will take great measures to uphold this even if it means taking both sides of an issue. This can create problems but regardless, Libra will work tirelessly towards its peaceful objective.

Libra individuals also carry out the duties of judge as they do not only need balance they also need justice. Under these circumstances, this will be a time that they are willing to cross the line and make judgements towards what they believe is right and wrong whatever the case may be.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which represents loves, beauty and elegance. They are refined in their nature and come across as gentle and kind individuals. They bend with the flow sometimes easily, especially if there are a lot of mutable planetary influences in the natal chart. For those individuals with a heavy Libra influence in their chart, their home is often lavishly furnished, and elegance is more important than comfort. This is reflected in their dress, their automobile and their home furnishings, if it is at all feasible. There even will be times when money does not matter as much as being surrounded by elegance.

As mentioned, these individuals are social creatures and they can be a great friend and wonderful companion. When in love, they often marry young and in some cases get married several times trying to find the perfect partner. Partnership is extremely important and many Libra individuals do not feel whole unless engaged in a meaningful relationship.

There is also a love of entertainment and they will work tirelessly to create the perfect surroundings, including food and activities which will be coupled with fun. They can be very enjoyable to be around and often come across as sociable and make great conversation even with those that they are not familiar with. These individuals are diplomatic, gracious hosts and more often than not, they are extraverts.

There will be people who will not agree with these character traits because they know a Libra that does not display these characteristics. It is important to take the whole chart into consideration when speaking of someone’s characteristics. The Sun sign is the inner person only seen by those close to the individual. We, in general, show our Rising or Ascendant sign to the world. For example, you may have a Libra Sun. On an internal level, you would have these characteristics, but you may have several planets either in Aries or Scorpio or Capricorn. If, for example, your rising (Ascendant) sign is Capricorn, you have four planets in the first house and Moon and Mars are in Scorpio, your Libra characteristics would be greatly watered down and would be overpowered by these other more dominant signs’ energies. It is always important to take into consideration all the variables within the whole horoscope. What we are presenting are the standard characteristics of Libra without influence by any other sign.

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