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The Sun moves into the sign of Libra just before midnight on September 23, 2018, EDT.

Those individuals with their Sun in the sign of Libra have a cordial and quite pleasant demeanor and often get along well with others. They enjoy intellectual conversation and social activities are right up their alley.

Libra’s symbol is the scales. Some people think of these scales as the scales of justice and rightly so as Libra is very concerned with justice. However, the main theme of the scales is the act of balancing conditions. Libra is justice minded but they are always in search of balance in their lives and in the lives of others. This does not mean that they are always balanced however.

Libra individuals love peace and harmony and will go to great lengths to create this in their lives. They may switch sides in a discussion just to keep the peace as they are comfortable in compromising situations and really dislike discord.

In most cases these individuals are talkative, gentle and peace-loving.

Relationships are extremely important to their well-being and they do not feel whole unless they are in a relationship of significance. Partnerships are important and although they dislike conflict, they are willing to speak freely to their personal partner. They may not “pull any punches” with their partners unless there are other mitigating factors in the birth chart suggesting otherwise.

At present, depending on the degree of the Sun sign, many Libra individuals will be experiencing the square from transiting Pluto, which is currently at the 18 degree of Capricorn. This would suggest those that have their Sun within orb of transiting Pluto will be going through a period of transformation. This transformation can present itself in personal terms. These specific individuals will experience period of self-reflection which could be focused on what they want to do with their lives moving forward and how they may want to change parts of (in their opinion) their “not so pleasant personality traits.”

As the Sun often speaks of goals in life; those with this square in their chart may be experiencing changes to or conversions in their life’s objectives. These could include their occupation, their schooling and even reflect in their relationships of significance. Much will depend on where the natal Sun is in the birth chart and what house transiting Pluto is currently making its way through. The houses involved will define the areas of life that are now being affected (or if out of orb, what lies ahead or what has already transpired). As mentioned much will depend on the degree of the Sun in Libra in the birth chart.

When we celebrate our birthday, we experience our Solar return. Many clients have a solar return chart prepared at the time of their birthday. This chart or this chart combined with transits and progressions will provide insight into the energies of the year to come. The solar chart actually begins to speak of energies up to 3 month prior to the birthday, although it is not in full force until the actual birth date.

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