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As the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra on September 24 this year (2019), we move from the mutable earth sign to a cardinal air sign. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are known to have a need to advance in life. In general they formulate a plan then move ahead in these objectives. Libra is a balancing sign. This does not mean that they are balanced but does indicate their need for balance. Librans will strive for harmony and peace at almost any cost. They will work tirelessly to achieve this in their lives, particularly in the area of relationships. This could include the relationship with their spouse and their relationships with all others, including their children, family, parents and friends and also the people that they will run into.

Most Librans are very cordial and amiable and truly want to please others. They are the peacemakers of the Zodiac, and they enjoy creating harmony in whatever circle that they are a part of. In most cases they are pleasant to be around and very social individuals. They appear quite refined and often enjoy the finer things in life, not to the extent of Taurus but they are ruled by the same planet (Venus) and Venus loves beautiful things.

Those with their Sun in the sign of Libra will soon be experiencing the energies of Mars which moves through Libra beginning October 5, 2019, and finishing its journey in Libra on November 20, 2019. At some point all those with their Sun in Libra will experience this conjunction to Mars as it transits through their sun sign.

Mars is all about activity and action, and it promotes a real strong push in whatever area of life it is found (house). It will vary from person to person depending on what degree their Sun is in the sign of Libra. Allowing an orb of 3-5degrees approaching and 2-3 degrees separating, if you have a Libra sun, you can look at your ephemeris to see how long it will affect your chart as well as when the energy is the strongest.

How things pan out over this week or so will be determined by the aspects that the natal Sun makes to other natal planets and angles in the chart, as well as any transits that are applying to your Sun at the same time. In some cases, Mars may pass by with little notice, so Astrology will let you know when the energies are the strongest and you can push a little harder at that time to make things happen.

Transiting Saturn and Pluto will be square to the Sun (check ephemeris for degrees of these two planets), so the energies of the Sun may be somewhat harnessed and likely you will experience some setbacks, potential power struggles and transformations along the way. They meet up in January, 2020, at around 22 to 23 degrees of Capricorn and will likely causing some disruption felt by all with their sun in Libra, and particularly those with their Sun in Libra close to these degrees. The transit of Saturn and Pluto will be influential for anyone with planets in these degrees in their natal chart and manifest in the areas of life determined by the houses that they are in. Things might be a little volatile at this time, so using the energies appropriately is suggested.

Happy Solar return to our Libran readers.

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