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The Sun moves into the sign of Pisces on February 19 in 2017.

Those with their Sun in Pisces often have focused energies on serving a higher purpose. Many are mystically inclined and those that are not given to such predispositions are, at the very least, very open minded and willing to learn. They understand on an intuitive level that there is more to life than the so called usual day-to-day activities such as working, sleeping and eating. Those with a heavy Pisces influence in their charts are in search of life’s real meaning.

Pisceans can be rather dreamy, even vague and can be quite changeable and adaptable to life’s situations. Pisces is a mutable, water sign making these individuals versatile, moody and emotionally intense.

As this is the final sign of the zodiac, many Astrologers believe that they have experienced each of the other signs through past life reincarnation. Because of this, they are able to accept all people as equals and are inclined to want the best for everyone. This vision of others may be considered by some to be somewhat naïve, although this is not the case. Pisceans just have a great love for humanity as a whole and are subject to being at the aid of those that are experiencing difficulties in life. They are kind, considerate and compassionate when it comes to their dealings with others.

Their minds are deep and reflective, and they are deeply affected by their overly sensitive, emotional nature. They “feel” long before they think and they rely on their innate understanding produced from their own personal experiences.

Pisceans do, however, have great difficulties when it comes to dealing with life’s harsh realities, sometimes hiding their heads in the sand and avoiding difficulties if at all possible. Some are so challenged in this area that their need to escape leads them to alcohol and drug abuse. Some Pisceans could even be considered self-delusional. Self-deception can become a vice that they depend on to survive the challenging life conditions.

Pisces individuals can be very imaginative and they can use their sensitivities to help others. Many have healing potential, especially once they learn to heal themselves. Many are quite talented in the arts, music, and teaching can be a profession that appeals to them. Their compassion and kind hearts often brings them in contact with other people that suffer. They instinctively understand this suffering as they have experiences in these areas. Although they are inclined to experience the harsh side of life at times, they can be resilient especially when they learn to focus their attention on the experience rather than run away from these life events. Pisceans would make great counsellors, especially with drug addiction and alcoholism as they understand what true addiction is. Once they learn to face life head on, they will often bounce back stronger than ever and use this knowledge they have learned not only for themselves but also for others.

One of Pisces’ best qualities is their compassionate nature and they will gladly help others, some even “allow” others to take advantage of their gentle nature. Once they see through the illusions that some people attempt to create around them, they can be quite hurt. Their feelings run deep.

Pisces individuals also have to learn not to take on other people’s energies. Often they experience feelings of depression or stress and can’t understand why they are feeling that way. If they cannot explain why they are experiencing what they are feeling, it would be wise for them to look around as they will surely find what they are experiencing actually stemming from someone else.

Pisces’ love knows no bounds, and they truly feel for others. They offer themselves up through pure kindness to those in need.

Much of our description of Pisces will depend greatly on the placement of the other planets in the birth chart. Because of Pisces’ sensitivity and because it is such a gentle sign, these individuals will be affected by other more powerful character traits located in the rest of the birth chart. What we have described however are the deep true characteristics of a strong Pisces individual.

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