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The Sun moved into the sign of Pisces on February 19, 2018. Venus and Mercury as well as Neptune were all in Pisces. As you can imagine this is a powerful time for those with their Sun in Pisces. Pisces is a gentle, passive and compassionate sign and unless there are other factors within the birth chart, these qualities will reign true for most Piscean individuals. Pisces is a dreamy sign, with one foot in the mystical existence and the other foot gently on the earthly plain. It is important for those with strong Pisces tendencies to have both feet firmly planted as we are currently living a physical life with spiritual lessons. The spiritual realm often comes natural for many Piscean individuals.

Perhaps the reason some of these individuals have a real problem with aggressive life experiences may be due to their tendency to try to avoid the challenges life sometimes dictates. As a result, some may have problems with alcohol and drugs to blur harsh realities. It is, however, important to face adversity and deal with it accordingly, or the root issues never really goes away. Running only allows one challenge to build on top of another.

Pisces people are often psychically gifted. These energies can be overwhelming at times and may not be what these individuals are truly looking for. They just want peace and tranquility and perhaps if so inclined be able to harness these psychic energies. In most cases, the mystical side of life does hold their interest and they are known for their recollection of vivid dreams and their ability to somehow know what others are feeling. This is a “feeling” sign and much of how they relate to the world comes from their emotional senses.

Some Pisces people can be gifted or inspired in the arts. This could include painting, music, literary creations .....all artistically inspired works. This will be particularly true if the Sun or any other planet(s) are found in the 5th house. There can be a creative edge with these people. Even those with Neptune in the first house close to the Ascendant often have mystical qualities or artistic abilities.

If you find yourself somewhat mystified because of a close love acquaintance at this time, this could be because of Venus and Neptune moving together and joining forces later in February of 2018. You as a Pisces, might feel that you are drawn to this individual and that this love feels to be idealistic. You may place your lover high on a pedestal under this influence and might not be seeing all the little flaws until the air clears or the fog lifts.

You may feel inspired to write about this experience or just to write about the mysteries of life. This might be a good idea because Mercury’s link to Neptune and your Sun in the later stages of February and into March, 2018. Make sure you keep copies of what you write as they are probably inspired by higher sources and might provide magical insight to be used personally at a later date.

This year will have its mystical flavour as the Sun and Neptune will be in conjunction depending on what degree your Sun is. Enjoy this energy. It is an aw-inspiring time for any water sign and especially those with their Sun in Pisces.

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