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Those with a Sun in Sagittarius will be experiencing a relatively short conjunction of Mercury to their Sun throughout the month of November (Began November 6, 2017). Mercury moves through this sign until December 3 when it is reaches 29 degrees Sagittarius. It then goes into retrograde motion. This retrograde cycle makes this conjunction relevant in that it will pass the same degree in your chart once while it is in direct motion, once while it moves into retrograde motion and again when it goes direct and passes over it for the final time. Check your Sun location to see exactly when these periods take place in your own personal chart.

During the period before Mercury’s retrograde cycle (December 3 through to December 22), this would be a great time, if you have prepared well, to initiate a goal or move to activate an idea you have been pursuing. Don’t rush into anything if you are not totally prepared as things can move along more smoothly after this retrograde cycle is over. During the retrograde cycle, it is best to prepare and get yourself ready to move forward, setting the final stages in motion for the time that Mercury goes direct once again just before Christmas. Mercury retrograde is a time of preparation.

You may actually find that during the period up to when Mercury goes retrograde that your pattern of thinking is very clear and concise. Because of this, if the project at hand involves others, you may find that they listen to what you have to say and believe in you. Your self-expression is positive and optimistic in its nature and this is the perfect way to get your point across. You may be a little direct in your approach and as long as you do not become belligerent and brash, you should be received well.

If by chance you have been thinking about publishing a book or working on the layout for a book, the timing might be right for this. Once again if you prolong things beyond December 3, 2017, you might want to work on putting the final touches on this project and wait until around the end of December to finalize. You may find that if you try to push things regardless of what the proposal might be during the retrograde cycle, you may be hit with delays or impositions in your progress. It is always best to wait for retrograde Mercury to move into direct motion again before pushing ahead. Publishing written material may be pronounced especially if your Sun is in the ninth house. Writing and preparation may also work well if you Sun is in the third house.

Mercury will be retrograde between 13 - 29 degrees of Sagittarius during its decline and those with their Sun in these degrees would be cautioned to wait until it is over. Allow about a 3 degree orb of influence. Those with planetary alignments that either correspond with the square or opposition to the degree of Sagittarius would also be wise to adhere to the normal considerations of Mercury during it retrograde cycle (Sun in Gemini, Pisces and Virgo).

If you need to make a move during this time frame, do not be too dismayed. Things might not go as well as you would like, but we always have freedom of choice. Astrology does not dictate our lives. We are always free to do as we please. You just might run into some minor snags along the way, however.

Mercury retrograde is not the devil that most people think it is. It is actually a time of study and planning for what is to come and provides the proper energies for you to set things into motion upon the completion of its retrograde cycle.

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