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On November 22, 2022 the Sun moves from Scorpio a fixed water sign to Sagittarius a mutable, fire sign. Sagittarius is ruled by the most fortunate of planets, Jupiter which has to do with expansion, growth, and in general good luck. Jupiter is known as the great benefic and wherever Jupiter is found in the natal chart there is potential for expansion and growth. Jupiter promotes opportunities mainly due to its relationship with optimism.

Those with their Sun in the sign of Sagittarius or their rising sign or have several planets in the sign of Sagittarius have desire for adventure in life. They love the outdoors and are drawn to wide open places. They feel free when in nature and many love the idea of travel. They are the roamers of the Zodiac and some never find a place to lay their hat permanently. There is a degree of restlessness although not like Gemini, but Sag wants to explore all that life offers.

Sagittarians seek knowledge sometimes through religion or travel. They truly believe that there is always something viable and better just around the corner even when they are caught up in life’s challenges. Things seem to move in the right direction, even if it is only in their eyes. They are the eternal optimists, and we could all learn to adapt to this type of energy and thought process.

Sagittarians speak their mind and often find themselves with their “foot in mouth”. They need to think before they speak although what they offer is often truth but it may not be in a gentle manner. They are a fire sign and fire always wants to move forward and at times acting on impulse. If you want to explore life with all its intricacies and have some fun especially in foreign cultures, you might want to hook up with someone who has strong Sagittarius energies. The 9th house is naturally ruled by Sagittarius, and it speaks clearly about travel, philosophy and religion.

November 16/17 T Venus and Mercury move into the sign of Sagittarius although they move too quickly to meet up with the T Sun. Venus and Mercury are in conjunction in Sag for the remainder of November and early December. For those with their Sun in Sagittarius this conjunction effects their chart at some point depending on their Sun’s degree. The house placement will be very important as this will be the area of life which has these energies.

Venus and Mercury together can speak of a love of socializing and communication. When they line up with the Sun which has to do with our inner self, who we are & our goals in life, these areas will be stimulated. This can be a time of internal search and finding a clear understanding of the path ahead especially if your North Node is somehow linked to this position. You may want to join in with others to explore the great outdoors. You may want to explore religion especially the one that connects us all from a spiritual perspective.

You may find communication with a loved one very favourable at this time and it may open the door for further growth and expansion within that relationship, especially if this conjunction is found in the 5th, 7th or 1st house and in particular conjunct your Ascendant. The Sun, Venus and Mercury can certainly open doors, but you may have to allow this to happen. Sitting around and not using these energies will not move you ahead. Astrology points the way but we sail our own personal ship.

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