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Most individuals born under the Sun sign of Sagittarius are considered to be straightforward and outspoken. They love to be part of the discussion but can also make good listeners. Many of these individuals are actually listening to what you have to say and are not just planning their next statement in the conversation. They will hear you out and then make their contribution.

They can be somewhat abrupt in their communication techniques and sometimes are known to have “foot-in-mouth disease”, but their intent is not to hurt anyone. They simply say what they think, often without forethought but with reflection later. They are kind hearted and adhere to the higher principles of love and peace, and their approach to this is on a universal level. There is nothing half-way about the typical Sagittarian.

Their ruling planet is Jupiter and Jupiter’s energies will often bring them fortune in life, not necessarily in financial terms, but most certainly through life’s experience. Although their life’s experience is not always a pleasant, they truly believe that better things are always around the very next corner. They carry this life philosophy with them always. This gives them a reputation of always being optimistic even under very challenging conditions. They follow their heart, allow optimism to be their guiding force and are forever pushing this positivity into the world around them.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and spiritual growth, does offer up some amount of luck for these people. Please keep in mind as you are reading this that we are just speaking in terms of the sign Sagittarius. A description of the Sun Sign does not take into consideration the aspects that the Sun is receiving from others planetary placements in the natal chart or through transit and progression, along with many other variables that may be found in an Astrology chart. Jupiter, as mentioned, offers growth and usually this comes to the surface through a learned experience. Many Sag individuals will take to travel and learn a great deal from these experiences, making friends along the way that can have a great impact in their lives.

In general, Sagittarius individuals are honest in their expression although they can’t always be relied on. They can get caught up in the moment and forget or let things slide simply because everything seems to moving along so smoothly.

Sagittarians are almost always joyful and happy and as mentioned optimistic in their approach to life. They love to have fun and really enjoy the great outdoors. They are travelers but not just in physical terms. They are also travellers of the mind. They love to gain information from their religious (and this does not have to be traditional) inclinations, and life’s philosophies are something that is learned through experience. You can tell them something but they actually need personal experience to accept it as fact.

They are known to be somewhat reckless in their behaviour because of a fast moving approach to life and will make mistakes along the way. At the same time, they will pick up the pieces and begin again if need be. It takes a lot to bring them down.

Jupiter, being their ruling planet, tends to expand on things. Expansion is great unless you are continually living an extravagant life style. Their optimistic attitude needs to be calmed down a little when it comes to spending, although it always comes from a place of sharing.

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