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Today, we are continuing our look at the energies in affect over the next year influencing those individuals with the Sun in Scorpio. Part I was posted on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Neptune (the planet of illusion, mystery and psychic revelation) is in the sign of Pisces and during this period, it will be between 9 and 14 degrees. You can allow as much as 5-7 degrees orb with all the outer planets. As a result, if your Sun is between 2 to 21 degrees Scorpio, you will be affected by Neptune during this upcoming period. The angle between the Sun and Neptune will be a trine and trines usually work favourably. As a result, during this time you may find that you seem to be more open to mystical insight and your psychic abilities may be enhanced. Allow your intuition to guide you but make sure you keep both your feet on the ground.

Pluto (the planet of transformation, change, disruption and regeneration) will be in the sign of Capricorn between 15 to 19 degrees. The aspect between the Sun and Pluto will be a sextile and if your Sun is between 8 or 9 degrees to 25 or 26 degrees, you will have this sextile between the Sun and Pluto in your chart. The transit of Pluto suggests that you uncover anything that needs to surface during this time and make the changes that life is suggesting. Sextiles are opportunity aspects and life seems to flow in a positive direction. You will need to grab hold of any opportunities that come your way. The biggest chance for change will be to unlock your hidden potential or open up more of who you actually are. Pluto transforms all it touches. By checking where your Sun is and where Pluto is transiting in your natal chart, you will be able to uncover areas of life that now have the opportunity for change, growth and transformation.

Next year really looks good for Scorpio individuals. You will, however, also have to take into consideration what else your chart is indicating to you.

In these last two Astrology posts, we have only discussed the aspects to the Sun and there are many more placements that need to be deciphered to get an overall picture of what lies ahead. Remember to use the Sun and Mars, as well as the progressed Moon, to find out when some of these aspects that we have been discussing have the opportunity to manifest into something worthwhile. These planets we have just mentioned are timers in Astrology and can be used to give you further information as to when things might unfold. Uranus all by itself is also a great timer, and you can use it to time life events and change, as well as freedom energies coming into your life.

Enjoy what lies ahead regardless of what other influences are in the chart. Make your life work for you and remember you are in charge at the very least of your attitude and the way you look and feel towards all that transpires in life. You always have at your disposal the ability to learn from each and every experience that life sends your way.

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