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Sun in Scorpio in Astrology

In 2014, the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio on Friday, October 24. This post applies to those individuals that are born with their Sun in Scorpio and to a lesser degree those born with a Scorpio Ascendant. There are three main types of Scorpio people and this is why it is such a misrepresented sign. It is often referred to or designated as the Scorpion whose character traits are often the ones that are less desirable. The sign of Scorpio also has the salamander and the eagle personalities.

The Scorpion carries with it traits such as deception and these individuals can harbour qualities that are not to be trusted. They are known for the sexual promiscuity and their sexual trickery or cheating capabilities. They also have a very vengeful side and once crossed, it is best to be on the lookout as they can be quite deceptive and sneaky in their plans to equal the score. You are best not to cross them although in some cases they can be plain spiteful and often very vindictive even without provocation. Jealousy is also a strong character trait and although they feel that it might be alright for them to have clandestine affairs, they would not take it well if their partner were to play the same game. It is rather one sided and although they may be quite aware that it is wrong to carry on this way, they still feel entitled and have difficulties controlling their strong desires.

Alternatively, there is also the salamander and the eagle personalities of Scorpio. Many will carry traits of both persona’s but those that have found a way to rise above the Scorpion tendencies can become very altruistic in their natures.

Most Scorpio individuals regardless of classification have a need to go beneath the surface and dig deep for answers, and because of this, they make great psychologists, pathologists and private investigators, along with surgeons and in some cases miners.

The eagle personalities has found their way past primal urges and because of their tendency to go deep are often found in circles involving the mystical side of life. They are true to the cause of self-exploration and seek out qualities within themselves that can not only benefit them personally but also aid others in their time of need. They are quite loyal to their word, their friends and their lovers. Those that seek spiritual enlightenment are always ready to uncover their deepest and most mysterious character flaws and make dramatic changes and transformations to their character due to the planetary influence of Pluto.

Most Scorpio individuals are great at uncovering the truth and they often have a penetrating gaze as though they see past the superficial and see right to the core. This can be a little formidable for those that are overly sensitive. They feel that their privacy is important yet private matter can be alluring to the Scorpio individual for they want to uncover all tendencies hidden within. Most Scorpio individuals have an air of secrecy about them and you will have a difficult time uncovering the deeper facets of their personality. They may even hide their true selves so as to remain a secret and to capture the fascination of others.

Nearly all Scorpio individuals have a sensual appeal to them and many are aware of this quality but the eagle type does not abuse this trait. They understand that sexual connections are normal and that the appeal that they have should not be abused. If you are looking for a stimulating individual, one who will be hard to decipher and one who is interested in uncovering the deeper meanings of life and the undercurrents of the psyche, a Scorpio individual would be the individual you are seeking.

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