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On October 23, 2019 at approximately 1:20 p.m. EDT, the Sun moves into the fixed, water sign of Scorpio. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio along with its co-ruler Mars.

The sign Scorpio is affiliated with the scorpion, although this expression of Scorpio is considered unevolved. The eagle is its highest expression.

Scorpio, in many cases, carries with it a bad reputation of being a little to sexually promiscuous, although in general, once they commit themselves to someone, the Scorpion will not sway.

Scorpio individuals have been noted for being reactionary when it comes to being slighted. They do not forget and some will wait for the perfect opportunity to balance the scales. They can be vindictive and it is wise not to get on the wrong side of this sign. These qualities are more linked to the lower vibrational energies attached to the scorpion.

An evolved Scorpio individual is deep and reflective and is not spiteful or malicious. They have learned forgiveness and have also learned to rise above ego intervention. An evolved Scorpion understands that it has to deal with its darker side and rise above anything that stands in the way of evolution and their quest for getting beneath the surface. They have deep and penetrating insight and use these intuitive qualities to assist those in need. Many can see deep into the core of other people although they may not talk about these qualities. They can be trusted with personal information as they can keep things to themselves.

The Scorpio individual’s emotions are somewhat hidden to others as well. There is always something that seems quite secretive about your typical Scorpio and they do like their privacy.

Those with their Sun in Scorpio are diggers for truth and they make great investigators. Nearly all are reliable and conscientious workers. They go the extra mile and never seem to get tired. They can run their bodies down because of their relentless drive.

These individuals make great detectives and researchers and would do well as psychologists and therapists. Many instinctively know where the problem lies but normally would not be judgemental. We are speaking of the eagle of course. They need to be doing something that truly matters and are willing to do a shakeup if absolutely necessary.

Those with their Sun in the sign of Scorpio anywhere between 10 to 29degrees will have transiting Saturn which is finally moving direct and Pluto, both in Capricorn when this post is written in sextile to their Sun. Sextiles are opportunity aspects and often help us move ahead in our endeavors although we have to take advantage of the opportunity as it presents itself.

This is a favourable aspect and Neptune transiting through the sign of Pisces is in trine to those with their Sun in the middle and later degrees of Scorpio as well. In many ways, opportunities are at hand for those affected by these aspects. Trines supply easy flow and good luck in obtaining benefits. Much can be done for those with this position in their charts. Of course as always, you will have to see which houses are involved at this time to see what areas of life will be affected.

Saturn at present is around the 14/15degree mark of Capricorn and will remain in Capricorn into the spring of 2020. It will again go retrograde in May, returning once again into Capricorn in July and remaining there until December all of 2020. Pluto will remain in Capricorn for some time and Neptune will also remain in Pisces for some time yet to come. The energies are in place in a very positive sense for those affected and we should make sure to use these energies to enhance our life both in material ways as well as spiritual ways.

It will be up to the Scorpio individual as to what they do with these energies available to them.

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