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The Sun moves into the self-reliant and passionate sign of Scorpio on October 24, 2017. These people are strong and intense individuals. They seem to know what they are doing although they may be secretive about their objectives. They like to keep some part of themselves a mystery and because of this, may be difficult to get to know on a personal level.

Scorpio individuals have a great interest in the intangible and love a mystery. They have the ability to get to the bottom of issues that may be buried deep within. They are also quite intuitive and will feel their way through some of life’s experiences. Many are interested in the occult, mysticism and spiritual practices although they have also been known to go into what could be considered the darker areas where others may not venture. You could say they are fearless although this attribute is far more prominent with the sign of Aries. Scorpio, however, are strong and unafraid of what could be referred to as hidden matters or dark secrets.

These individuals do not like to show any vulnerability and any signs of weakness are well hidden from others. They can be comfortable in situations that can be life altering and although they don’t like change, they recognize that change is inevitable on some level. They also have great recuperative powers and when they experience life changes, they are able to recover and build inner strength along the way.

Those with their Sun in Scorpio are determined and are rarely passive or neutral about anything. They may be somewhat reserved, although if crossed can strike back with a vengeance, when the time is right of course. It is not a good idea to undermine these individuals, although those Scorpio individuals that are evolved can go deep enough to find resolutions and the answers to most any problem without the need for revenge.

They are the truth-seekers of the Zodiac and have good judgement and insight. Others will rarely be able to slip something by a Scorpio individual without them noticing. Determination and persistence are their strong points, and when challenged, can be quite frank and unswerving in their delivery. Scorpio individuals are not known for their calm demeanour, although when others need to be calmed, they have the ability to redirect others and to assist others in reaching a state of calm. Scorpions, if it is their objective, have a way about them that helps those in need find a better place.

Scorpio’s motto could be “I desire”.

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