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The Sun moves into the sign of Taurus on April 20, 2016. This post applies to individuals with their Sun in Taurus, and to a lesser extent to those with many planets in the second house or to those that have their rising sign in Taurus.

As we move from the fiery sign of Aries and into the earth sign Taurus, we have pushed ourselves out into the world and are now ready to move into a more secure life situation. Aries instigates aggressive pursuit to make something out of themselves and Taurus now wants to instil a more sure-footed response, as well as security from what has been done with life up until this point in time.

Taurus’ energy builds a foundation that can stand the test of time. This is often acquired through material means and security is often measured by the rewards offered from a bank account that is slowly but steadily rising. Taurus individuals are security minded and use determination and discipline to reach their objectives in life. They do not rush to stake their claim as Aries individuals would. Taurus individuals choose a more solid structure that guarantees success. They are determined and not afraid of hard work and understand that if this is what it takes to achieve success, then that is the route to take.

They are not very spontaneous and Taurus people like a tried and tested route. They quietly build on this structured ground and move forward in their quest for security and stability in life. They rarely sway off the chosen path and can be counted on in any situation. In times of strife they are usually cool headed and ward off anything that could jeopardise their sense of safety. They master through perseverance and staying steadfast and standing tall in the face of adversity. They are very calm individuals although once you have angered them they are quite explosive and have a difficult time settling down.

Taurus individuals are very fixed in their ways and also quite opinionated. Some are considered inflexible and stubborn to a fault, as they have a difficult time adapting to anything new and will stubbornly adhere to their ways of doing things. They are not spontaneous in their decisions, but will remain true to their word once it has been given. This makes them quite reliable and responsible individuals. You can count on these individuals and they will stick through things until the end result has been achieved. Time taken is not of significance, as they know that in order to build that secure and reliable product they have to do things right, rigid to the plan and with a sure footed approach. They believe that they will find the structure that they are in search of.

In loving relationships they are faithful to their partner and will work hard at maintaining a meaningful relationship. They are romantics and also very sensual people. They will lavishly look after those they love with luxury and surround them with beauty. They are very earthy and not inclined to wanderlust activities. They prefer to remain at home, and travel is not something that means a whole lot to them. They will however travel to keep their loved ones happy. They like structure in their life and anything new that has the potential of unsettling their comfortable life can produce anxiety and worry. They like things to be predictable and steady.

To uncover more meaning in life, Taurus individuals will school themselves through practical learning and formulated ideas. If this suggests long tedious tasks that require concentrated energy and an ability to keep moving in an intended direction, they can be counted on in reaching this destination. Patience is a key character trait that they can rely on throughout their lives.

Their motto could be “good things are worth working for”.

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