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The Sun moved into the sign of Taurus on April 19.

Taurus individuals are very fixed in their ways and can be quite opinionated. Some are considered inflexible as they have a difficult time adapting to anything new. They will stubbornly adhere to their ways of doing things. They may not be spontaneous in their decisions, but they will remain true to their word once it is given. This makes them quite reliable and responsible individuals.

To uncover more meaning in life, Taurus individuals will school themselves through practical learning and formulated ideas. If this suggests long tedious tasks that require concentrated energy and an ability to keep moving in an intended direction, they can be counted on to reach this destination. Patience is a key character trait that they can rely on throughout their lives. Their motto could be “good things are worth waiting for”.

The Sun makes a conjunction with transiting Uranus at 6 degrees currently. Transiting Uranus moves up to the 10-degree mark before it goes into retrograde in August, 2020.

Those with their Sun in the early degrees of Taurus will also be experiencing the square from transiting Saturn which will be around the one-degree mark of Aquarius until the end of June when it moves into retrograde. Again, those with their Sun in the early degrees of Taurus will be experiencing both of these aspects in their charts, although it will vary in strength depending on the degree of their Taurus Sun.

Taurus really wants life to remain steadfast and true. Nothing is more important to a true Taurus than to have reliability in life. Any unpredictability is uncomfortable to those with strong Taurus tendencies. Having a secure maybe even expanding financial foundation is what makes a Taurean feel more at ease. They do not mind working towards a goal and usually have quite a bit of patience knowing that it takes time to build a secure foundation.

During these unpredictable times of financial decrease and instability, Taurus individuals will experience insecurity, and this may increase worry. Nothing is more unsettling than watching their financial portfolio diminish. However, depending on their age, many of these individuals will certainly have built a solid financial foundation. Most Taureans will have began saving for their future at a young age and have grown accustomed to watching their financial situation grow.

Security can also be expanded into other areas of life such as meaningful and stable relationships, as well as a need for inner security. Uranus, at this particular time, will be in Taurus between 6 to 10 degrees well into 2021. Uranus is known to bring unpredictability. This will be a true test of patience and resilience. Perhaps one of the best lessons at this time will be to learn to live with less.

Taurus loves beauty and fine things, and many will have accumulated an elaborate home and own luxurious automobiles. This may now be a period of realizing that these material things are less important than inner security and a relationship that offers stability. Uranus wants to move us in a new direction, and it will push us in directions that will, over time, offer us new vision and a path that is more appropriate for the future.

Saturn adds to these lessons for those experiencing its square (those with early degrees of Sun in Taurus). Some Taureans will feel as thought there are roadblocks and delays in place, and nothing seems to come easy. Hard work is certainly not a foreign concept for a typical Taurean as mentioned. Take everything in stride and do not allow events to create worry and anxiety. It will be important for these individuals to stay steadfast and not to waver because of this temporary situation. Hard times are always the best teachers and we must go deep within to find out some of the more subtle influences taking hold.

This too will pass. Taurus individuals are strong and tenacious, and much depends on what is written in the natal profile. Do not let the mind wonder under these influences. Stay true to your core beliefs and remain steadfast to your own personal commitments.

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