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April 20, 2017, the Sun moved into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign and it tends to identify with material objectives. This does not necessarily suggest that they are motivated towards material abundance, although a nice home and furniture and a comfortable car do appeal to them. Taurus individuals seek comfort and security and if they satisfy these needs, they feel sheltered and safe in their environment. They do, however, strive to find a place within where they are comfortable both emotionally and financially (so that they can be equipped for comfort well into old age).

The fixed quality that so exudes Taurus suggests that they have permanent ideas about life and that they are not easily swayed in new directions. This does not suggest that they will not bend and listen to others, only that once they believe in something, it will take a lot to sway them from their commitment.

Taurus individuals are steadfast and reliable individuals. Their word is good and they are dependable and normally quite trustworthy. They work hard to achieve their aims and will not tire in the face of adversity or obstacles. They believe in the slow and steady route and appreciate the experience of reaching their goals in life.

In general, those with strong Taurus emphasis in their natal charts are sensual individuals and take pleasure in the finer things in life, including a beautiful women or a strong and handsome man. Their sensuous nature is well defined and mature. Most make wonderful lovers and amiable and social individuals. They would love an evening of fine wine, delicious food and heart warming company for a relaxing evening in comfortable, refined surroundings.

Although they are sensuous individuals, they are not sexually submissive or overindulgent. They are true to their nature and would not cheat or be unfaithful once committed and make good reliable mates that can last a life time if under the right conditions. When they love, they love with all their heart. They will also do their best to support you or at the very least do whatever is in their power to ensure security.

Their temperament is usually stable. Push beyond their limits, however, and a Taurus individual can become quite abrupt. It is common for these individuals not to forget or forgive a slight. If you make a friend with a true Taurus, you have a friend for life as long as you don’t cross them as this might end the relationship. Don’t cross the bull; you are liable to get run over or gorged by their horns.

Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them social, likeable, friendly, passionate and gentle people. They can thrive in many of life’s circumstances although they do not like vile and abrupt individuals that disrupt their calm state of being. They seek beautiful and serene surrounding and want life to be as gentle to them as they are to life.

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